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How I Read:

How I Read

I think I might not be a “typical” romance reader? Whatever “typical” means, however that is defined. This idea felt like a revelation, though it probably shouldn’t have been given what I know about myself. It hit me during a conversation about a book that a friend and I were having. This in itself isn’t unusual and neither was the fact that we had quite different reactions to this particular story. She and I sometimes agree one hundred percent about a book and sometimes we have wildly different feelings about a book. We both enjoy these discussions, our differences and what’s behind them, informing them. It always makes me smile because I think we’d be the perfect candidates for a study on how two people read the same story and come to two very different conclusions about that experience. 😀

I don’t judge characters for what they do for a living, or anything else, or for who they are or want to become, or the decisions they make. It’s not a conscious thing. It just doesn’t enter into the equation that is my enjoyment of a story. I might be disgusted by or find it questionable a decision they’ve made but I don’t superimpose those feelings on their experiences and motivations. I might completely delight in and flail over something a character does or says but it doesn’t then necessarily make them a superhero in my eyes. For me, allowing the characters to do what they do is what interests me, to see things through their eyes, to see the decisions they make through the filter of their experiences. I feel everything. All of it. Along with that, though, I want to see what they do and say for themselves.

I guess this is how I read. How I read a story placed under the “romance” umbrella that may in fact fit more than one mold, maybe even creating one of its own. It’s probably why I sometimes like reading stories that aren’t “typical” romance fare. Why I don’t feel the need for a happy ending. Why I like a good cliffhanger. Not everything in life is resolved when we’d like it to be, not every question is answered when and how I want it to be.

Soooooooo… am I considered a romance reader only? Or at all? Or that my expectations don’t fit what might be what many romance readers specifically want in their reading experiences? I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise or a revelation to me or anyone who knows me and what I like to read. I like being challenged when I read. I like being made to work for my stories. I like not having everything handed to me. For me, that’s the escape, to be so focused on what I’m reading and experiencing that I’m transported, my only expectation being for a great story, no matter where it takes me.

I love stories that are considered “typical” romance. I also love stories that have a romantic element but don’t contain the generally expected ingredients of a romance. I also love stories that don’t have something resembling a central romance, or the guaranteed possibility of one, but are instead about the lives of the characters and all of their challenges, successes and everything in between. I love the hot stories, the romantic stories, as well as the not at all romantic or hot stories.

What are your expectations for your stories? How do you read? What floats your escapist boat?

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4 thoughts on “How I Read ~ Sunday Spotlight by Lirtle

  1. Reading is for enjoyment, so I have no expectations either. All characters are individuals and I look at them that way. As far as what I read, I read just about everything. From mild to wild, from romance to fantasy and sci-fi.

    • That’s how I approach most reads, too. I don’t really have any specific expectations story wise and hope to be taken on a great ride in a great story.

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