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Posy-Roberts-otmI Quit!

I’m done. I’m moving on to new challenges and excitement.

No, I’m not talking about writing. Last week I delivered my letter of resignation to my day job. I’ve been on a leave of absence this school year, which I’m very glad I pursued. It gave me plenty of time to consider my future and what would be best for my family.

I essentially took a year off of writing because the stress of working under my unapproachable/fault-seeking boss got to be too much for any creativity to last more than a few hundred words. It was tough to write a novel when the words didn’t come because my mind was always on the invisible axe that could fall the next day at work.

The world is filled with bad bosses, so many that there are numerous webinars, articles, and self-help books devoted to helping one cope with these people we often spend more time with than we do our loved ones. I wrote about a particularly bad boss in The Measure of a Man. But the laser sight was focused on me last year, and the stress increased to such a degree I visited with my union representative, who gave me great advice when I was at my wits end.

The last straw

At the end of the school year, I emptied out my desk and took all my resources home, just in case. To my friends, that was a clear sign I wasn’t going back. To me, it was a sign that I was going to clean out my files.

beautiful laughing man

I see how funny that is now, especially since everything sat untouched in my basement since I unloaded my trunk.

But I was scared. How could I just quit? The last time I was jobless was after my daughter was born, which wasn’t at all the original plan but medically necessary. I’ve not willingly been without a job or pursuing higher education since 1989.

“But you’re an author,” my friends told me. “You’ll make up for the lost pay in royalties.” (Please refer back to the beautiful laughing man.)

Another friend told me my job was making me sick. My husband told me we’d find a way to make it work and that no job was worth what I’d been through. My mom came right on out and said, “You’re not going back.”

It’s not that these people weren’t supportive of my abilities on the job, they just saw what took me months to see; I was miserable and had been for a few years already.

I quit!

I didn’t get to say that. Instead I wrote a politely worded letter with all emotion stripped from it. When I handed it in, I was hoping for some sort of cathartic release. It’s gradual. I still don’t believe I quit yet.

But now I can focus my energies back where I want them.

  • Writing – releasing a novel before May and working on a collection of novellas
  • Editing – picking up more freelance editing work
  • Parenting – homeschooling my daughter
  • Outreach and volunteering – several projects in the works, including my new blog focusing on sex positivity

I’m my own boss now, which works very well for me. I was always that self-motivated kid who did things her own way and accomplished more when left alone than hovered over.

I quit so I can feel excitement about my work again.

Have you had a horrid job experience you just had to get away from? What kind of boss did you have? And have you ever left a job in a dramatic way? I wish I could have.


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10 thoughts on “I Quit! ~ Posy Roberts: Outside the Margins

  1. Congrats! I hope you are much happier. I have never had a really bad boss (knock on wood), but my husband has and it was really tough. He quit, too, but not dramatically. Although, in his exit interview with HR he did provide honest feedback.

    • Thanks. It’s often just as hard being a partner to someone with a bad boss. My hubs had a few horrendous ones, and it was hard to watch from the sidelines as he suffered. As for HR, I had my day with them last spring after talking to the union. They are well aware of what went down. I made sure of that. People on power trips are scary.

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