K.A. Merikan on Guns n’ Boys: Homicidal Instinct (Book 2) ~ Excerpt

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Title: Guns n’ Boys: Homicidal Instinct (Book 2)
Author: K.A. Merikan
Publisher: Self Published
Cover Artist: Natasha Snow
Publication Date:01/25/2015
Genre/Sub-Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Crime Fiction, Drama, Fiction, Gay, M/M Romance, Thriller


— You can take a killer’s memory, but not his instinct —

All Seth wants is to live free with the man he loves. But escaping death at the hands of the mafia is just the beginning of an uphill struggle. When Domenico wakes up from his impromptu surgery and doesn’t even remember Seth’s name, Seth’s world falls apart. Suddenly it’s him who has to plan an escape from New York City and navigate their way to Mexico. All that without even knowing if the man of his life will ever love him again.

Domenico doesn’t know who to trust and what to believe. The man who introduces himself as his brother seems to hide dark secrets behind a cheerful smile. With the mafia breathing down their necks, there is no time to piece together the puzzle of Domenico’s life, and each time he thinks he’s solved it, a new part appears to be missing. Dom needs to find out who he really is, what he’s capable of… and what is the real story hidden behind Seth’s intense eyes.


Themes: mafia, homophobia, assassin, organized crime, amnesia, road trip, chase

Genre: Dark, twisted erotic romance / crime thriller

Erotic content: Explicit gay sex

Length: ~88,000 words

WARNING: Adult content. If you are easily offended, this book is not for you.
‘Guns n’ Boys’ is a gritty story of extreme violence, offensive language, abuse, and morally ambiguous protagonists. Behind the morbid facade, there is a splash of inappropriate dark humor, and a love story that will crawl under your skin.

We are so excited to be talking about our upcoming release: Guns n’ Boys: Homicidal Instinct (Book 2) It is book two in our twisted, dark erotic romance mafia series based in the world of Italian mafia. The story is a long, turbulent journey of one couple deeply entrenched in the dealings of their criminal family. Behind the morbid humor and extreme violence hides the intense love affair of Domenico Acerbi, the mafia’s best hitman, and Seth Villani, the Don’s son.

Together, they have to deal with their blooming affection for each other, their family’s homophobia, their own prejudice, lust, jealousy, and violence. In true anti-hero fashion, they do so in most morally ambiguous ways.


Domenico & Seth

Domenico stared straight at him through the frame of the scissors. It was a dare, a game just like so many they had played before. Shivers went down Seth’s spine, and the tightening in his chest was like Dom’s hand clutching his heart.

What if Seth messed up? What if he got it all wrong, and the wound on Dom’s face opened like a crack in the ground, leading to the depths of hell? It would be exactly where Seth was going if he messed up Dom’s beautiful face. Air caught in his throat when Domenico spoke, making the thread pull on the scissors.

“Why so nervous? I’m not gonna be a model anyway.”

Seth swallowed. “You could have been,” he whispered and cut through the first bit of stitching. There was an air of finality to the sound of the scissors clipping.

Dom’s eyes were so bright and alert, and yet Seth could see a slight fog over their amber color. “I could have. Too late for a change of career.”

“You could be a hand model,” Seth suggested with a smile, but kept his hands steady as he slowly cut through the rows of stitches. He’d die and kill for this man, and he sure as hell didn’t want to hurt him further.

“My hands are shit,” Dom said, and his fingers briefly danced over Seth’s free forearm. They were rough, with calluses and weird fingertips. Seth remembered complaining about how they felt, and it seemed like a lifetime ago. He’d never want different fingers all over himself again.

“Oh. There’s that. You told me you fucked up on a job when you were younger and had to get your fingerprints messed up.” Seth fought the urge to kiss the bridge of Dom’s nose when he was done with the stitches. He’d done an all right job, all things considered. The scar was still red, twisted, and ugly, but even that couldn’t erase Dom’s handsome features.

“Kinda hot.”

About the Author:

K.A. Merikan is the pen name for Kat and Agnes Merikan, a team of writers, who are mistaken for sisters with surprising regularity. Kat’s the mean sergeant and survival specialist of the duo, never hesitating to kick Agnes’s ass when she’s slacking off. Her memory works like an easy-access catalogue, which allows her to keep up with both book details and social media. Also works as the emergency GPS. Agnes is the Merikan nitpicker, usually found busy with formatting and research. Her attention tends to be scattered, and despite pushing thirty, she needs to apply makeup to buy alcohol. Self-proclaimed queen of the roads.


They love the weird and wonderful, stepping out of the box, and bending stereotypes both in life and books. When you pick up a Merikan book, there’s one thing you can be sure of – it will be full of surprises.

e-mail: kamerikan@gmail.com

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K.A. Merikan’s author page: http://kamerikan.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KAMerikan

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KA_Merikan

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