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Title: Spice
Author: Lilah Suzanne
Publisher: Interlude Press
Cover Artist: unknown
Publication Date:04/02/2015
Genre/Sub-Genre: Contemporary, M/M Romance


As writer of the popular Ask Eros advice column, Simon Beck has an answer to every relationship question his readers can throw at him. When it comes to his own life, the answers are a little more elusive—until computer troubles introduce him to the newest and cutest member of his company’s IT support team.

Simon may be charmed by Benji’s sweet and unassuming manner, but will he find the answer to the one relationship question he has never been able to solve: how to know when he’s met Mr. Right?!

After Happily Ever After:

I am an unabashed lover of romantic comedies. The cheesier and more predictably cliched the better. The formula works: Two people who are clearly meant to be together kept apart by mistakes, misunderstandings, and comedic near misses, only to finally get it right in the end and wind up happily ever after. In a lot of ways, I set out to recreate the standard rom-com in Spice, beat by hackneyed beat. But I wanted to do it while turning some things on their head, not in a rom-coms are dumb and I’ll make it better sort of way, more like in a what if we tried something new here?

Simon is the advice columnist who can solve everyone’s relationship problems except for his own. Benji is the unconventional love interest who is perfect for Simon, yet they can’t seem to get it right. There’s a love triangle. Interesting and quirky side characters. Adorable animals. And a story set against that standard finding love in impossible places backdrop of New York City.

But here’s where it gets interesting: If the story is already flipping the script with two men finding love in a story standard that’s been used for straight couple after straight couple, why not take it further?

So often in our stories we see two people finally get together, only to have them be broken apart and put back together time and time again. As if this is the only story a couple can have.

Why not explore the options within a committed relationship? Commitment can be sexy. Choosing to love and come back to the same person despite the many obstacles you’ll encounter along the way can be emotionally fraught. Dealing with illness and loss with the person you love most in the world can be devastating. The day to day moments of friendship and fun and enjoying the company of your best friend and lover can be joyous and hilarious. Finding new ways to please your partner and be pleased in return can be deeply erotic.

Why not boy meets boy, boy loses boy, boy fumbles and trips his way through a loving relationship with boy and hijinks ensue.

There’s nothing wrong with a formula, and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the same story told hundreds of times in slightly different ways. But just like a society can’t stay stagnant and staid, our stories too need some tweaks here and there. Happily ever after can look like a lot of things, and should include anyone, and sometimes happily ever after isn’t an ending at all, but just the beginning.

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23 thoughts on “Lilah Suzanne on Spice and After Happily Ever After ~ Guest Blog, Local Giveaway

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this book ever since it was announced, and now I’m even more excited because of the “after happily ever after” approach. We definitely need more stories like this. :o)

  2. Thank you for introducing me to this book and author. I also like a happy ending but I also enjoy the story of how they got there, the ups and down, then what happens next and what they do to keep it a happily ever after :).

    Thank you for a chance to win a copy of the book

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