Lisa Henry & JA Rock on The Merchant of Death ~ Guest Blog, Local Giveaway

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Title: The Merchant of Death
Author: Lisa Henry & JA Rock
Publisher: Riptide
Cover Artist: L.C. Chase
Publication Date:02/02/2015
Genre/Sub-Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance


All’s fair in love and war.

There’s something rotten in the state of Indiana. When con man Henry Page takes it upon himself to investigate the death of an elderly patient at a care facility, he does so in true Shakespearean tradition: dressed as a girl.

FBI Agent Ryan “Mac” McGuinness has more to worry about than Henry’s latest crazy idea. Someone is trying to send him a message—via a corpse with a couple of bullets in it. He needs to figure out who’s trying to set him up before he gets arrested, and he really doesn’t have time for Henry’s shenanigans. Then again, he’d probably be able to focus better if Henry didn’t look so damn distracting in a babydoll dress and a wig.

But when Mac discovers that Henry has been keeping a secret that connects the cases, he has to find a way to live on the right side of the law when he just might be in love with the wrong sort of man.

Prism recently reviewed The Merchant of Death. You can find the review here.

Hi! We’re Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock, the authors of THE MERCHANT OF DEATH. We’re touring the web taking about our influences, our processes, anything we can think about actually, and even giving you guys a sneak peak or two! And what would a blog tour be without a contest? Check out the details at the bottom of the post to see what you can win!

Thanks to the wisdom of Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat, we know that opposites attract. We also know they’ve got chemistry. Check this out: HAWT!

Or possibly weird and disturbing. Sometimes we can’t tell the difference.

Anyway, even before the late 1980s, people knew this thing about opposites. It turns out it’s an ancient concept. Yin and Yang. Apollo and Dionysus. Night and day. Felix and Oscar.

And, in THE MERCHANT OF DEATH, it’s FBI agent Ryan “Mac” McGuinness, and con man, Henry Page. And it’s not just their chosen professions that make them opposites.

Mac’s watching his diet. Henry is fuelled entirely by sugar.

Mac does things by the book. If the book wasn’t metaphorical, Henry would have stolen it.

Mac tells the truth. Henry can’t even remember the last time he did.

Mac hates movies and books that are “unrealistic”. The more magical the story, the more Henry loves it.

Mac is gruff and taciturn. Henry could talk underwater with a mouth full of cement.

Probably the only thing these guys really have in common is they could both use someone in their lives who balances them. Mac could use a little fun in his life, and Henry could use a little stability in his. Sometimes the reason that opposites attract is because they’ve found exactly what they need.

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