Melissa Graves on Bleeding Heart and Trust and Intimacy ~ Guest Blog, Local Giveaway

Prism Book Alliance would like to thank Melissa Graves for taking the time to talk with us today.  Melissa Graves had the honor of launching Interlude Press with Bleeding Heart in July of 2014.  The Sequel will be released this October.


Title: Bleeding Heart
Author: Melissa Graves
Publisher: Interlude Press
Publication Date: 7/21/2014
Genre/Sub-Genre: M/M Romance, Paranormal


Trust and Intimacy:

One of the central plot points of most vampire romances that involve a relationship between a vampire and a human is the feeding—the nourishing of the vampire’s hunger at the cost of the human’s pain and injury. Whether it’s connected to or distanced from sexual undertones, there’s an undeniable intimacy to the exchange. It’s this give-and-take, predator/prey dynamic that makes vampire and human romances so exciting for us, but why is it that we find that particular dynamic so appealing?

Feeding, in many ways, is a stripped down version of sex itself, a push-pull of needs being satisfied that I think readers find very viscerally pleasing, regardless of the genders or sexualities involved. In fact, it’s an act that can be completely removed from gender or sexuality components, and is therefore universally appealing. The notion that one being needs, desperately and immediately and constantly, and that the other has the thing that they need, is as simple and pure as intimacy can get.

The vampire is fed by a willing person who trusts them enough to let them that close, trusts them enough to endure the pain and weakness that biting and blood loss brings, so they are not only receiving nourishment but connection and intimacy—which, in many ways, is what sex is really all about. The human earns the satisfaction of giving their partner not only pleasure but food, which is more literally vital than pleasure. It’s an unparalleled gift.

The exchange also comes with so many factors that titillate that it’s not difficult to see why people find it so sexy—a sense of danger that creates an adrenaline rush, pain that borders on pleasure, and the search for safe balance within the act itself, a negotiation that I think women especially are turned on by when it’s done well. When will the vampire stop? How far will the vampire push their partner? What happens if the vampire is tempted by a naturally unshakeable hunger to find their partner’s limits? After the act is complete, will a biddable, satiated vampire be generous with reciprocal pleasure of the kind that a human would enjoy?

In Bleeding Heart, so much of Brian and Kyle’s relationship revolves around the intimacy that this act affords them. It is almost always sexual for them, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, as time goes on, as they engage in feeding again and again, the uniqueness of that moment becomes an event unto itself, something that satisfies them both as a stand alone act. In their world, it even goes a step farther—they develop the ability to telepathically communicate with each other, which becomes a literal expression of how close the feeding brings them to each other. And further still—Brian comes to crave Kyle’s bite as often as Kyle craves his blood. They develop a symbiotic need that grows into a two-way street which crosses both sexual and nonsexual avenues, until it comes to define the boundaries of their entire relationship.

Trust, intimacy, and give-and-take—what’s not to love?

About the Author:

A veteran writer of fan fiction known as MissBeizy to her online readers, Melissa Graves’ stories have thousands of followers. At age 13, she wrote her first work of fan-based fiction, and by age 16, had met her future husband in an online vampire fiction chat room. A fan of science fiction/fantasy, she has a degree in anthropology and a passion for good chocolate, amateur erotica and fan worlds that celebrate diversity. She is mother to two cats.

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16 thoughts on “Melissa Graves on Bleeding Heart and Trust and Intimacy ~ Guest Blog, Local Giveaway

  1. Oh, I love this! This has me thinking about gender norms, and wondering if that’s tied into why women gravitate towards vampire novels–not that men don’t also enjoy them, but not in the same numbers, and not for the same reasons, I would suspect. Women traditionally have been conditioned to allow ourselves to suffer for others, to give to others at our own expense, just as you’ve described the human/vampire relationship. I know, I’m not redefining the wheel, ha, but I hadn’t really given the trope much thought until now. So excited for the sequel, and congrats!

  2. I admit that I’ve never thought that deeply about why feeding is so erotic… but it’s so true! It’s such an intimate thing, whether it’s sexual or not, painful or pleasurable.

  3. You gave me something to think about the next time that I read a vampire book. I have never thought how feeding a vamp could show how trust and intimacy in a relationship with a vamp could be. Thank you for opening my eyes.

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