Of Dreams and Ceremonies (Butterfly Hunter 2) by Julie Bozza ~ Book Review by Lirtle

of dreams and ceremonies Title: Of Dreams and Ceremonies (Butterfly Hunter 2)

Author: Julie Bozza

Publisher: Manifold Press

Cover Artist: Instinia Photography, Dreamstime.com

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars


It seemed like a great idea at the time… Aussie Dave Taylor has followed Nicholas Goring to England, and the lovers have become engaged. But now Dave has to cope with living in a mansion full of family and servants, making wedding plans, getting his head around visa applications, and wondering why on earth he’d ever want to wear a ‘mourning suit’. He’s not sure if it will prove any easier, but right now Dave would love to just skip ahead to the honeymoon…


This picks up right there Butterfly Hunter, book one of the series, left off. Works for me! I was already smiling as I sat down to spend time with Dave and Nicholas again. And why is that? Because Dave and Nicholas, they… have such a feel for one another, and it results in each of them doing things that make the other happy.


And planning a wedding.

And family and friends.

That’s what this lovely book is all about.

Specifically, both Nicholas and Dave are working to figure out what they feel are their new identities. How do they see themselves now? What’s changed? What won’t change as they start their lives together? The conversations between them are natural and relatable as they navigate all of this newness.

This isn’t always my cuppa, but the sweetness, the close family relationships, great friends, it all works without being overly saccharin. It’s deftly mixed with the heat twixt Dave and Nicholas. They have lost a lot of the hesitancy and uncertainty. Now, any time those come up, it’s because one is thinking of the other’s well-being, not worrying about whether they’re doing something right. Nice progression, for sure.

One of my favorite characters is young Robin. He’s ten and Nicholas’s nephew. All of his scenes, though brief, are heartfelt and simply wonderful. His presence and behavior are grounding and silly and wonderful. I can’t imagine the story without him.

Some of the scenes dealing with shifts in the relationship between Dave and Nicholas, or any of the characters really, felt cut short. Just as my emotional connection was made, a premature ending carried into a brand new setting and location. For these two, don’t skimp! They’re worthy of the additional words. Giving them, and me, more of those experiences would have added even more to hang on to while reading and watching and loving Dave and Nicholas work for their dreams.

The humor is definitely here, and even more of it, when compared to book one.

”We could wander down there… if I’ve left you with the necessary energy.”

Dave thought for a moment, and chuckled. “There’s no right answer to that, is there?”

“No,” Nicholas smugly replied.

This is a love story. Low angst, passionate, cheeky, and lovely. Wonderful! This is going on my comfort read shelf, without a doubt. I’m loving this series and this writing.

Oh! And it’s about tea. And a little mystery. 😉

I’ll leave you with this:

But, really, who cared ab out getting the genders right when the truth of the feelings transcend all?

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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