Song of the Lonesome Cowboy by Lynn Kelling ~ Book Review by Caroline

17331144 Title: Song of the Lonesome Cowboy

Author: Lynn Kelling

Publisher: Fantastic Fiction

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


Novel (102,000 words)
Genre(s): Contemporary, Romance, BDSM, Gay
Tucker Reynolds is a humble singer/songwriter both blessed and burdened by his success in the country music industry. Stalked by a predator from his past and struggling with guilt over his secret lust for his childhood best friend and guitarist, Magnusson ‘Mags’ Palmer, Tucker’s carefully crafted lies are his main means of self-defense, but they slowly begin to unravel. Kinky sex with prostitutes hastens a downward spiral that he searches to escape from. At the end of a successful tour, before heading home to Nashville, Tucker seeks solitude in order to come to terms with the guilt over things he has done to which he has never confessed. Only Tucker’s devoted, less-assuming band mate, Jess Grayville, suspects the truth about the nightmare Tucker is privately battling. Jess attempts to protect Tucker from those who would do him harm, even when the person putting him in the most danger isn’t reckless Mags, but Tucker, himself. Realizing that the best way out of the dark of his past and into the light of forgiveness is by finally admitting to the truth, Tucker strives to listen to his heart and write a song that he knows could save him. (M/M – For content labels and excerpt, see details on publisher’s site.)


So Lynn Kelling finally wrote something sweet and fluffy!

Yeah, Im kidding….this is just as dark and delicious as everything else I have read from this author!

Imagine this for a moment – You are 21 years old. You have the voice of an angel and you know you can make a career with that voice if someone would just give you a chance. You are shy, you were the bullied kid in school, and you are a virgin having never even kissed someone before. It looks like all your dreams are about to come true as a record company is interested in signing you – you are literally walking on cloud nine just thinking about it! Your whole life is about to change for the better. You are determined to take your best friend along for the ride because he has spent years protecting you from the bullies and you are inseparable, you are also in love with him but he doesn’t need to know about that! You are in a meeting to sign the contract and the well dressed man who just screams of being rich says to you

“Question is, what are you willing to do for me to

win my favor?”

When you don’t even know what a sadist is how are you supposed to save yourself from one?

We start the story with Tucker Reynolds and his band just finishing up their first successful tour. It has been everything Tucker thought it would be with wild nights on the stage and the fans loving their music but Tucker is tired and trying desperately to keep his demons at bay, he is definitely not the same young man who went looking for a music contract. He doesn’t just have nightmares he is actually living in one that seems to know his every move. There is desperation in Tucker, one that is all consuming. He is fearful for the safety of his friends, his is ashamed of what he has done to get where he is, he is hiding who he really is and in constant fear of his past returning to take further payment of the debt he perceives as still owing.

Anything to do with sex has become warped and tainted. He has been in love with his best friend and fellow band member Mags for as long as he can remember but there is safety in those feelings as Mags is straight and takes a different woman to bed every night. Their relationship is unhealthy with each of them protecting the other but with sex the lines become even more blurred, Tucker can never find the strength to say no to his friend but the feelings and emotions it leaves him with make him spiral down further with his dark thoughts. The only other time Tucker is comfortable being intimate is when he uses prostitutes but even that doesn’t bring him the satisfaction it should and it doesn’t dampen down the dark stain on his soul.

Mags loves Tucker but is too selfish to see that his best friend has built up everything around them on lies and suffering, he is oblivious to the fact that Tucker is one step away from falling apart. The only person that truly sees Tuckers is Jess another band member but even though he gently pushes Tucker to talk to him he can’t get through the walls the man has built up around himself to protect them all.

Tucker takes off on his own after the tour and spends his days and nights alone in the forest tying to face and deal with his demons. It’s emotional and ugly but it does seem to bring him to a point in his life where he feels better able to cope before he returns home. That feeling doesn’t stay with him long once home as his perception of Jess turns out to be wrong. Jess has been hiding his own secrets that weigh him down but he has also been hiding his true feelings. Whilst Tucker is left elated, confused and slightly at peace a voice from his past returns to unsettle him once again.

The end of this story is tough! For Tucker it’s about facing the devil and finding out if he can ever recover but also about being honest about his past and who is he for the first time in his life. For Mags it is about learning to stand on his own two feet and letting go but also facing up to what happened to his best friend. For Jess it is about dealing with the past and looking forward to the future. He has a huge capacity to love and he wraps that love around the one man in he wants in his life.

What better way than to say all that in a song about how it all started!

Every promise was kept,
Though she smiled, and I wept,
The day Leigh had lunch
on Maribel Lane.

Maribel Lane, Maribel Lane.
She’d never
know the truth
of Maribel Lane.

The Devil came back,
Looky here, son! Gotta act!
The day Leigh had lunch
On Maribel Lane.

Maribel Lane, Maribel Lane.
Lord, I hope she’d never
know the truth
of Maribel Lane.

Then I signed on the line,
Gave up, mute and blind,
The day Leigh had lunch
On Maribel Lane.
Maribel Lane, Maribel Lane.
I’d never know the truth of
Maribel Lane.
Sent, alone, to my fate,
Locked the door, no escape,
The day Leigh had lunch
On Maribel Lane.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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