The Errant Prince by Sasha L. Miller ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

The Errant Prince Title: The Errant Prince

Author: Sasha L. Miller

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Cover Artist: Natasha Snow

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


Myron’s task is easy enough on the surface: locate the runaway Prince Tamsen and bring him home. But Tamsen is not merely a talented wizard, he’s an exceptionally stubborn one, and dozens of others have already failed at the task. When he manages to find the cabin where Tamsen is hiding, Myron isn’t foolish enough to mistake the find for a victory.

Instead of attempting to drag the prince home by force, Myron tries a different tact: patience. He might not be able to best Tamsen magically or physically, but Myron can certainly out-stubborn him. He’s nothing if not used to doing what other people say he can’t.

But neither prince nor soldier expected stubbornness to be the crack in armor they’ve both become adept at wearing…


This story was a pleasant surprise for me. It was my first experience with Sasha L. Miller’s works and I am glad I gave this a chance.

I picked this one up after reading the blurb. There was so much potential hidden in that short summary that I wanted to know just exactly how this story would unfold. Of all the possibilities, I was not expecting such a sweet and peaceful story.

For me, this was a beginning. It was all about Tamsen and Myron getting to know one another and developing an attraction that promises to be more. These men went from apathetic, to friendly, to more than friends in the span of several weeks, but never once did I feel that this was rushed. In fact, this was a very good example of how slow and steady does not need to be slow and boring. I was invested from the beginning and the author held me the entire story, even with the low heat and lack of actual sex. Actually, the low heat was perfect since, as I said before, this story was a beginning. The ending of this novella was actually the start of Myron and Tamsen’s relationship. This was very much a HFN and never once did the author promise a HEA. But she did promise that they would try their best and for me, that was more satisfying than forcing them into forever.

I also loved the way the author addressed gender equality in this world. She created a place where gender fluidity was a non issue because equality was the norm. No one even flinched at a transgender guardsman, or a F/F marriage to unite royal families, or that the errant prince would love said transgender guardsman and forsake an ex-boyfriend for a shot at true love. It was such a perfect representation of how to subtly make a bold statement.

I really enjoyed this story. It was sweet but not sugary, it was slow but not boring. It was well done and I would not say no to reading about these men in the future. Oh, and props on the lovely cover.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. This is such a good representation of my first read. It was a very nice, calm read that really does make a nice statement. I loved your review. I’ll have to show it to everyone I’m trying to suggest the book too. <3

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