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Join us as JP Barnaby goes Outside the Margins.

JP Barnaby OTMTo The Finish Line – Part 6

This is Part 6, the final installment of a story cowritten between myself and William Cooper, found exclusively here on Prism Book Alliance! Part 1 can be read here, Part 2 can be read, here, Part 3 can be read here, Part 4 can be read here, and Part 5 can be read here. Enjoy!

By the time we reached my room, Tyler’s dick was at half-mast, and I’d made a decision. He followed me over the threshold where I turned, reached past his naked hip, and locked the door behind us. I didn’t lock the door of my bedroom often, but for this, I didn’t want to be interrupted. My hand slid into his and I pulled him to my bed. When I sat down on the edge, Tyler started to sink to his knees, but I stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

“I changed my mind,” I whispered into the tender skin of his abdomen.

“You don’t want me to—”

“I want you to fuck me. Can we do that instead?”

Silence filled the room and Tyler’s fingers stilled in my hair. With my lips against him, I could feel that he hadn’t taken another breath. I didn’t either. I simply waited for his answer. His fingers tightened as my breath whispered across the plane of his body.

“You really want to do that? With me?” His voice was barely a sigh, but I heard it. I’d have heard it even if the question were silent. We’d always been that way.


He scrambled into my lap, pushing me back onto the bed with a grunt of surprise.

“I love you, Riley. I thought something in me would break when you got into NYU and I didn’t. Then you stayed. You stayed with me and went to University of Wisconsin. I thought you were crazy, but you love me too, don’t you?”

“Yeah, Ty, of course I do. Just me and you against the world, right?”

“Every fucking day.”

Tyler’s mouth covered mine, taking from me in a way he never had before. My cock ached with his desperation, his hunger. I didn’t think about the lube stashed in my bedside table or wonder if my bedframe would smack against the wall as he thrust into me. Instead, I focused solely on his tongue stroking mine, his fingers on my face, and his cock pressed against my skin. God, I needed him more than I needed air, more than I needed my sanity.

He was my whole world.

When Tyler’s hand wrapped around my dick, I pulled away.

“Don’t. If you touch me, I’ll cum. I want to make it last. My lube is in the nightstand.”

Tyler crawled off me and I rolled over, then up onto my hands and knees. The gasp behind me made me look over my shoulder. My brother stood behind me, his cock pointing its way to me, lube clutched in his hand, and a look of wonder on his face so profound it took my breath away.

“You’re beautiful,” he murmured, soft and reverent.

My back arched at his words. I needed him so fucking much. His hand on my hip drew a low moan from my throat.

“Shhhh…” he whispered. I grabbed a pillow from the head of the bed and pressed my face into it as he slid a slick finger around my entrance. It tickled, like his hair on my chest when we lay talking deep into the night. When he pushed inside, it didn’t tickle and I groaned into the pillow.

“Like that?” he asked, his voice full of trepidation.

“Yeah,” I spread my legs farther apart, opening myself for him in invitation.

The alcohol in my system burned off at the heat of his touch. He kept a steady rhythm with his finger, but used his other hand to touch my balls, my dick, the insides of my thighs until they trembled with my need for him.

Another finger joined the first, stretching me almost painfully and I clutched the pillow beneath my face. My desperation outweighed my nerves and I started to push back against his hand, showing him how ready I was to have him inside me.

He didn’t say anything, he didn’t have to. We’d always been so fucking close, we could reach each other’s minds. The fingers disappeared, replaced by the blunt head of his cock. Tyler wasn’t big but I knew I needed to relax anyway.

“I love you, Riley,” he whispered as he pushed forward, and the breath I’d drawn to reply froze in my lungs at the uncomfortable stretch. The pain started to soften my dick so I braced myself on my left forearm and shoved my right hand between my body and the bed. The pain receded slowly as I stroked myself. It turned more into an erotic pain than the kind I didn’t want.

“Love you,” I groaned into the pillow and he pulled back, sliding forward again, deeper, and I jerked myself faster. His breath on my back, the excited pants in my ear told me neither of us would last long. We’d both wanted this for so long. I clenched my muscles around him as he fucked me faster, my body rocking with the force of it.

Primed for the last hour, I came first, spurting my jizz on the comforter beneath me with a silent scream into the pillow. Tyler grabbed my hips tighter, faster, harder, fucking me again and again until he too gave in to orgasm, filling me with his spunk.

When he pulled out, I felt it dribble down my leg and I had to laugh.

“What?” he asked, pulling me down into the puddle of mess on my bed.

“We are so rooming together next year.”

“I’ll bring the lube if you bring the games.”

~ JP Barnaby

About JP Barnaby

Award winning romance novelist, J. P. Barnaby has penned over a dozen books including the Working Boys series, the Little Boy Lost series, In the Absence of Monsters, and Aaron. As a bisexual woman, J.P. is a proud member of the GLBT community both online and in her small town on the outskirts of Chicago. A member of Mensa, she is described as brilliant but troubled, sweet but introverted, and talented but deviant. She spends her days writing software and her nights writing erotica, which is, of course, far more interesting. The spare time that she carves out between her career and her novels is spent reading about the concept of love, which, like some of her characters, she has never quite figured out for herself.
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