Watch Me (Unmask You) by Avril Ashton ~ Book Review by Caroline

24582310 Title: Watch Me (Unmask You)

Author: Avril Ashton

Publisher: Sinner’s Haven Publishing

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


Too many bodies. Rivers of blood. Elias Kote sees them all in his sleep. Only the love of his husband and daughter keeps him alive and fighting. This contract killer is exhausted and weighed down with all the lies he tells every day. Who he is. What he does. How he came to have all he has. Elias can attest to nothing remaining hidden forever, but his secrets, when they do drop, shatters everything. Everyone. And leaves him scrambling to make his family whole again.

Ten years together. Three legally wed. One with their daughter. And in one night Lucky Mousasi’s world just…stops. What he thought was a random home invasion turns into way more. Masked men not only brutalize him, but they come armed with knowledge about Lucky, his husband, and the life he thought he knew. It seems nothing is coincidental, certainly not meeting and falling in love with Elias. Bruised, battered, heart ripped open, Lucky walks away.

An intimate rival will stop at nothing to neutralize the threat Elias poses, and the life he built out of guilt and desperation becomes collateral damage. When Lucky takes their daughter and disappears, Elias goes on a rampage. He will get his family back, but first he’s on an elimination mission. One bullet at a time.


Hands down the best book of the series!! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I loved this book!

Elias and Lucky have a love affair that is built on lies, lust, murder, secrets and an overload of testosterone led possessiveness. The way they meet, the way their relationship happens, the myriad of secrets from their pasts that ensured their lives were entwined and those same secrets that stood no chance of ever staying buried all make for one hell of a ride. Avril Ashton has outdone herself with this one!

Elias and Lucky first meet when they are in very different places in their lives. Almost from the start Lucky sees Elias as his knight in shining armour, someone that always appears just when he needs him. Lucky is still reeling from the death of his parents years after it happened, stuck living with an aunt and uncle that don’t really know what to do with him and coasting through life with no idea of who he is. When Elias comes to his rescue one night a strange relationship starts between them.

Elias made a bad decision years ago thinking the grass would be greener on the other side. That decision has made him the man he is today and even Elias doesn’t know who that is anymore. For all the blood that is on Elias’s hands and all the bodies left in his wake he is inherently a good man stuck in a bad situation. As you learn of everything has he done and the reasons why you can’t help but overlook what he does every day.

This strange relationship between the two men that sees Elias constantly dropping in and out of Lucky’s life over the years finally changes when Lucky issues an ultimatum. Stay or leave for good. Lucky has had enough, he needs commitment and he needs Elias for more than one night at a time.

Elias makes another deal with the devil in order to give Lucky what he wants and for a decade it works. They marry, start a family and for all intents and purpose are a normal family. When the deal gets broken the results are vicious and devastating leaving Lucky unsure of who the man he shares his life with really is. The seal is broken, the truth is coming out and Elias is losing everything he cares about. He does what he knows best and goes after the people that have hurt his family but this time the lies might go back too far and be too deep for Lucky to ever forgive him.

Absolutely outstanding addition to the series! Next up Tek and this is one I have been looking forward to for a long time. We will finally get to learn his dark secrets!

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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