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The Wolf at His Door kicks the series off with mystery, suspense, horror, and a touch of romance.

Title: The Runes Trilogy
Author: Adrian W. Lilly
Publisher: Self Published
Cover Artist: Tony Schmenk
Publication Date:07/02/2013
Genre/Sub-Genre: Horror


Ilene Rune has lived with a secret for 21 years that threatens to destroy her marriage, her life, and all of humanity. But how can she tell her son, Alec, that his new boyfriend, Jared, may be part of that secret?

Investigating a brutal murder, Detective Lance Herald enters a dark world of fairy tales and fantasy—that shakes his belief in what is possible and imagined.
Lucy Rune cannot fathom what happened the night one brother was slaughtered and the other critically wounded—but she does know, her boyfriend, Rene, who was also attacked is changing.

Geraldine Bloom, Alec’s grandmother, has the gift of foresight, and has waited for years for the evil that wants her grandson to come for him.

Alec Rune wakes from a coma to learn his twin brother has been murdered—and that he is the only witness. But he remembers nothing of the night.

Werewolves, genetics, and a thrilling murder mystery intertwine in this “multi-layered and unpredictable” (Christine Coretti) horror novel that builds to “an absolutely epic ending” (

Ask me what kind of writer I am, and I will tell you a ‘horror writer.’ I might also say ‘suspense’ or ‘mystery.’ I’m also a gay writer.

Writing a fine line:

Ask me what kind of writer I am, and I will tell you a ‘horror writer.’ I might also say ‘suspense’ or ‘mystery.’ I’m also a gay writer.

In my Runes Trilogy, a werewolf horror series, the main characters are gay. As the characters, Alec and Jared, are embarking on a new relationship, dating and romance became a part of the storyline. For me, I was suddenly challenged with dancing—or writing—the fine line of romance and horror.

The characters meet in The Wolf at His Door, the first book in the series. Their flirtations and initial excitement and apprehension are part of the fun. But, as I am not one to write erotica or even hardcore romance, sex doesn’t enter the story—not detailed on the page at least.

In this scene, on Alec and Jared’s “first date,” I introduce the sexual attraction and tension, followed quickly by a reminder that this is, after all, a horror novel:

A few minutes later, Alec saw Jared crossing the grass toward him, wearing a backpack. “Warm today,” Jared said. He was wearing a concert tee shirt and print shorts and tennis shoes.

“I know, right,” Alec said. “So, are we doing Frisbee golf or just Frisbee?”

“I didn’t bring discs, just a Frisbee,” Jared said, pulling the Frisbee from his backpack. “Go back,” he said, waving Alec away.

Alec ran backward away from him and watched as Jared launched the Frisbee. It arched in the air and turned toward him. Alec ran and leaped in the air, catching the Frisbee, and then whipped it back before he landed. He watched as Jared darted for it, and making a flying catch, whipped it back without missing a beat. They played for a while, unsuccessfully trying to make the other drop the Frisbee or miss a catch.

Jared made a catch, then stopped and leaned over, his hands on his knees, breathing hard. “I can’t believe how hot it is,” he called.

“I know,” Alec called to him. He watched as Jared peeled his sweat-damp shirt off. Dark hair covered his muscular chest and trailed down to his stomach, disappearing into the line of his shorts. Sweat glistened on his skin. Alec turned his head away and looked at the trees briefly, to break his stare.

Jared tucked his shirt into the edge of his shorts, and without warning, whipped the Frisbee at Alec. Alec launched into the air and snagged the Frisbee. “No fair,” he said, though he caught it.

“Gotta stay on your game, Rune,” Jared called.

Alec whipped the Frisbee back. “You, too—Hey! I don’t know your last name!”

“Kincaid,” Jared yelled, catching the Frisbee. “I need a drink. Want one?”

“You bet,” Alec called, walking toward Jared.

Jared dug in the backpack and pulled out two bottles of water. He tossed one to Alec and opened the other, draining it in one gulp. Alec slugged his water down. “I’m beat,” Alec said. He plopped onto the grass near Jared.

“Me, too,” Jared said. “But it’s been fun.” He sat in the grass, his hands dangling between his knees.

Alec stole a closer look at Jared, noticing five thin, pale scars crossing his side. “What happened?” He asked, nodding toward the scars.

Jared pulled on his shirt self-consciously. “Oh, it was an accident,” Jared mumbled.

Alec immediately felt like as ass. “I didn’t mean to make you feel self-conscious. They’re not that noticeable. I mean, you look fine with your shirt off.”

Jared straightened his shirt and smiled. “So you like how I look with my shirt off.”

Alec blushed. “I, uh,” he stammered.

“I think it’s really cute that you get embarrassed so easily.”


Jared was silent for a moment, looking at the grass, still mostly brown from winter. “My parents and two younger sisters were killed. But I survived. That’s what the scars are from.”

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to—”

Jared smiled. “It’s okay. You didn’t know.”

“I don’t always think. I just say what pops in my head.”

“I think too much, sometimes.”

“Maybe we can balance each other out,” Alec said.

Jared leaned back, resting his elbows in the grass. A slow, sexy smile slid across his face. “That sounds like it could be pleasurable.”

*          *          *          *

The mild day filled the park with parents and children, couples holding hands, joggers. Darius Lamb sat in the parking lot in his black, 1988 Chevrolet Impala, letting the sun through the windshield warm his hands. The side window was rolled down, and the sounds of laughter carried to him. A playground nearby was dotted with screaming children running back and forth, but he paid little attention.

His eyes trained on two young men in the distance sitting in the grass, talking. Jared found Alec, just like Darius knew he would. Darius and the others expected it—wanted it—but no matter what Jared tried, he could do nothing to save Alec from suffering the same fate he had. The pendulum was already swinging; time was running out for Alec and his family.

“You can’t change who you are, little boys,” Darius said aloud. He cast his eyes to the playground and two anxious mothers looking in his direction. He started the car and backed out. He kept his eyes on Jared and Alec as he drove away. “See you soon, Alec,” he said and laughed.


As a horror writer who is including a romance, I’m glad to develop another aspect of my characters, but I feel that the story demands that I keep the plot moving forward and the horror always waiting in the wings.

As a writer, I ask myself: where is the line where a horror novel becomes a romance and a romance becomes a horror novel? In many instances, the lines can blur, but for me, I try to stay clearly on the side of horror. Having gay main characters, for me, was simply a matter of who they are, not about the sex that they have.


The Wolf at War: Book Three of The Runes Trilogy will be released soon.

About the Author:

2014_head_shot_smallAdrian W. Lilly is the author of the novels The Devil You Know, Red Haze, and The Runes Trilogy: The Wolf at His Door, The Wolf in His Arms, and the forthcoming The Wolf at War. His short fiction and poetry have been published in Hello Horror, 69 Flavors of Paranoia, Nervehouse and The Weekly among other publications. He can be found online at

He is a fan of Gothic suspense movies and novels, which greatly influence his writing. Adrian’s writing focuses on strong character development and the nuances of fear that build toward horror. The mansion in his first novel, The Devil You Know, was inspired by the grand mansions in the Victorian neighborhood where he lives.

Adrian writes novels, short stories, and poetry and has spent many years as a copywriter in the advertising industry. In addition, Adrian has directed two short films and co-directed a feature-length sci-fi comedy.

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