Bound by Danger by SE Jakes ~ Book Review by Caroline

13564574 Title: Bound by Danger

Author: SE Jakes

Publisher: Samhain

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


The danger that drew them together could send them over the edge…

Playing the role of enforcer in the Killers motorcycle club, all CIA operative Clint “Tomcat” Sommers has to do is make sure he has a body to show for his work. Thanks to his ability to move stealthily and easily between the two worlds, the CIA is damned close to making one of its biggest MC gang busts.

Two years undercover have taken their toll, but there’s no backing out now. Tomcat’s only reprieve from the pressure is fantasizing about the newest member of the gang.

Worry for his cousin’s involvement in the Killers drove Navy SEAL Jace Reynolds to agree to infiltrate the gang to do some short-term surveillance for the FBI. The deal: do the job, and his cousin gets witness protection. When he meets Tomcat, though, his fantasies kick into overdrive. Meeting men while on active duty is tough. Acting on his desires within the club could have deadly consequences.

Despite the risks, Tomcat’s and Jace’s off hours flare hotter than a full-throttle burnout. But the smoke is bound to attract unwanted attention. And when Tomcat suddenly disappears, the secrets both warriors keep could send one of them to the grave.

Product Warnings: Contains two hot men undercover—and under the covers. Both with secrets under wraps that could cause everything to unravel in the deadliest way imaginable. If you’re inspired to try something new on a motorcycle, go for it. Just don’t blame the author for any pulled muscles.


Bound by Danger is the story of two couples.

We had already met Tomcat aka Clint in the previous book as the CIA partner of Styx. He has been deep undercover as an enforcer in a dangerous Motorcycle club known as the Killers for years; he is in fact in so deep that some days he wonders whether he will ever get out. When he meets Jace another member of the club albeit it for very different reasons things start to unravel as he finds himself unable to walk away from the younger man.

Jace is military but has been hanging around the Killers MC in the hope of rescuing his cousin who is in way over his head. Without too much thought he makes a deal with the FBI in exchange for his cousins safety. That deal was ok until he meets and gets together with Tomcat then it becomes a major issue as the government alphabet groups clash.

Theirs is not an easy relationship and a lot of time is spent running away and hiding from each other. When the chips are down and Clint is in trouble Jace runs with his gut instinct and is determine to find the man he is too scared to commit to.

Rex lost the last love of his life when they were prisoners of war and he was the only one of the two to make it back. He has never really moved on from that and is too scared to get involved with anyone else for fear of losing them. When young Sawyer ends up in his team he can’t help his feelings towards the other man but he is brutally hard on him in training ensuring that he becomes the best soldier possible.

Sawyer has never been attracted to another man but that’s what happens the minute he lays eyes on Rex. He’s pretty sure his feelings are returned but he can’t understand why Rex comes down so hard on him all the time. A relationship that starts with phone sex is easy but it remains to be seen if both men are brave enough to take it forward when they come face to face.

There is quite a lot to follow in this book as it concerns four men and I found myself losing track occasionally but it was another great story of broken warriors and alpha males and it was good to see the guys from the previous stories jumping into to assist.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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