Comforted by the Man of the House by Dick Hunter ~ Book Review by Zane

Comforted by the Man of the House Cover Art Title: Comforted by the Man of the House

Author: Dick Hunter

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars


I hate to see you so upset honey. Come here. Give me a kiss. Let me comfort you.

It is so hard, seeing my boy upset by his girlfriend. Well, I am the Man of the House, and when his father is away, it’s up to his life partner to comfort him. The best way I know how…

The scenes in this book are explicit and taboo. Peek inside for a flavour of the action

Zane’s View:

There was an interesting premise here, a young man turns to his step-father for comfort after a break-up, then they end up having sex together. Unfortunately, the execution left a lot to be desired. There was a lot of cliché, which got to be rather annoying after a while. Then, the story was over and things were back to normal. No resolution, no discussion of what just happened, heck not even a fade-to-black ending. Just sunshine and daisies as life goes on.

Poor story execution combined with a clear lack of editing left me very disappointed. There were a lot of errors that could’ve been fixed in proofreading (uncapitalized words, missing punctuation, etc.) but more than that, there were major problems with sentence structure. Here’s a sentence straight out of the book “To talk through his break up, to console him that life wasn’t that bad, and that he would soon find someone else.” And that’s just one of the poorly constructed sentences.

The book was obviously a Male/Female book that was poorly turned into a Male/Male book. The first inkling I got of that was when I read “I kicked off my shoes, picking one of them up and holding it by the toe, stiletto downwards, an offensive weapon if there ever was one!”  Sure, some men would wear stilettos, but that should’ve been something mentioned or commented on.

Then we got to the sex. The step-father’s dick was mentioned exactly once. Then it was as if it was forgotten. And it gets worse! “The head of his cock rested on my rim. It started to coat with my juice, gushing out of me like a fountain.” And later we have “My ass filled with juice, lubricating his cock for each long hard stroke of his might weapon.” Clearly this was originally a reference to female anatomy because if your ass is gushing juices, you might want to go see a doctor, never mind calling a dick a “mighty weapon.” This was just another example of poor editing and poor conversion to m/m.

In the end, what promised to be a hot story of taboo sex turned out to be a major disappointment. Maybe the original Male/Female version of this story was good, but for me, this botched rewrite was a major flop and I cannot recommend this to other readers.

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