Down and Dirty (A Cole McGinnis Mystery) by Rhys Ford ~ Audiobook Review by Brandilyn

DownDirtyAUDLG Title: Down and Dirty (A Cole McGinnis Mystery)

Author: Rhys Ford

Narrator: Greg Tremblay

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

eBook Release Date: 01/02/2015
Audiobook Release Date: 02/09/2015

Story Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars
Narration Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars
Overall Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


A Cole McGinnis Mystery

From the moment former LAPD detective Bobby Dawson spots Ichiro Tokugawa, he knows the man is trouble. And not just because the much younger Japanese inker is hot, complicated, and pushes every one of Bobby’s buttons. No, Ichi is trouble because he’s Cole McGinnis’s younger brother and off-limits in every possible way. And Bobby knows that even before Cole threatens to kill him for looking Ichi’s way. But despite his gut telling him Ichi is bad news, Bobby can’t stop looking… or wanting.

Ichi was never one to play by the rules. Growing up in Japan as his father’s heir, he’d been bound by every rule imaginable until he had enough and walked away from everything to become his own man. Los Angeles was supposed to be a brief pitstop before he moved on, but after connecting with his American half-brothers, it looks like a good city to call home for a while—if it weren’t for Bobby Dawson.

Bobby is definitely a love-them-and-leave-them type, a philosophy Ichi whole-heartedly agrees with. Family was as much of a relationship as Ichi was looking for, but something about the gruff and handsome Bobby Dawson makes Ichi want more.

Much, much more.

My View – Story:

I initial reviewed Down and Dirty for Prism. As such, I am going to just reprint what I said in this review:

If you have followed the Cole McGinnis Mysteries series by Rhys Ford, Down & Dirty is a must read. We move the focus from Cole and Jae to Ichi and Bobby. Unfortunately, Down & Dirty is not one you can read without having read the latter couple of books in Cole McGinnis series first. The events of Down & Dirty very much parallel the events in books 3 and 4 of the series. As such, there isn’t a lot of explanation given for some of the situations in which Bobby and Ichi find themselves, leaving the reader a bit off balance.

Down & Dirty is very much focused on watching the relationship blossom between Ichi and Bobby. However, I am not entirely sure I can pinpoint when said relationship turned from fucking to love. It was a gradual process that happened in such small doses, in the end it sneaks up on you. However, you aren’t blind-sided by it, as some authors have a tendency to do. Rather, you feel that it was the perfect way for a relationship to grow between these two lost souls and the necessary pinnacle of said relationship.

If you are a fan of Rhys Ford, you will find the irreverent, but subtle humor, wicked turn of phrase, and solid characters with which you have likely already fallen in love. You get to see Jae and Cole’s relationship from the outside looking in, which I found fascinating and beautiful. You see another perspective on Mike and all the other members of the world Rhys has gifted to us.

I can’t recommend Rhys Ford’s stories highly enough. I have enjoyed every installment in the Cole McGinnis Mysteries, including Down & Dirty.

My View – Narration:

What do I say about Greg Tremblay’s narration that I have not already said? At first, I didn’t like it, but it quickly grew on me. He IS Cole McGinnis in my mind. How was I supposed to shift my paradigm for this installment where Bobby and Ichi take center stage? The answer is quite easily. The voices for the characters themselves did not change from the first installments, so we are once again thrown right into the world. The difference would have to lie in the voice for the prose. Maybe it was because of the job he did on the dialogue, but I was easily able to fall into Bobby’s mind.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the audiobook of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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