Guilty Pleasures… ~ Lisa Worrall: Outside the Margins

Join us as Lisa Worrall goes Outside the Margins.

Lisa Worrall OtMGuilty Pleasures…

We all have them.

Those TV shows, films, even music that raise an eyebrow when you mention them, never mind admit to having a passion for them.

Well, I can’t very well ask you to confess yours without revealing mine, can I? Please let me… takes deep breath Okay, this is a judge free zone people…

Come Dine With Me (a UK show where five strangers hold a dinner party on five consecutive nights and score each other). I think it has more to do with the caustic comments of the narrator rather than the show itself, but I have to get my fix. I said no judging! come_dine-copy-1024x647

Elvis movies – I have all of them, very sadly I also know the dialogue of most of them (especially the girl parts) and, in my opinion, one of the classic lines in movie  history is from Jailhouse Rock. “That ain’t tactics, honey. That’s just the beast in me.” And the way the man delivers it makes my toes curl… sigh… sorry, I’m back in the room.


I also cough have a bit of a thing cough for iCarly and Good Luck Charlie. Which are technically children’s programmes and, of course, I am ninja enough to make sure the kids don’t know I enjoy them. You know, I complain that they’re on and make it seem like they’re forcing me to watch but…. ssh, if you don’t tell ’em, I won’t.

Oh, and the Antiques Roadshow. You can always tell when someone thinks they have something worth hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds, and the appraiser tells them that if they sold it they might get a latte at Starbucks with the proceeds.

But then there are the ones who are so certain they have a piece of old tatt that wouldn’t even get them that latte, and nearly fall off the chair when it turns out to be worth more than their car. I love it!

Music? Hmm… I’ll never tell… Westlife… I can’t help it… don’t look at me. But I still say they should never have done a cover of What About Now. That is Daughtry and only Daughtry!

So my lovelies, those are some of my guilty pleasures and believe me, there are a whole lot more that I will take to my grave. Now it’s your turn… come on, spill. What’s yours?

Until next time, stay well and keep reading 🙂


~ Lisa Worrall

About Lisa Worrall

I live in a small seaside town which boasts the longest pier in the world – not that that has anything to do with what I write, I just like my claim to fame. I write M/M erotic romance – heavy on the romance, because who doesn’t need a little love in their life and life in their men ?​
I’m Lisa. Welcome!
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