High Voltage (Havoc’s Crew, 2) by Angelique Voisen ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

High Voltage Title: High Voltage (Havoc’s Crew, 2)

Author: Angelique Voisen

Publisher: Evernight

Cover Artist: Jay Aheer

Rating: 3.25 of 5 Stars


Havoc’s Crew, 2

There’s a new player in Lyon City powerful enough to shut down the city’s electric lines and the job is right up Volt’s alley.

Volt isn’t always the easiest man or wizard to deal with. The only person sane enough to put up with his bullshit is his apprentice, tabby shifter Heath Bones, but even Heath’s patience is running out.

He wants Volt badly, but the elemental only cares about his work and his brothers at Havoc’s Crew. Quitting his job and leaving Volt is the best decision he’s ever made, right until he’s taken hostage by a major league demon.

Vanquishing demons, rescuing damsels and ravishing them after is all part and parcel of being a member of Havoc’s Crew, but Heath isn’t just any damsel. The more Volt tries to sizzle his desire for his apprentice into nothing, the more it threatens to explode into high voltage.

PizzyGirl’s View:

Ok so I have to be honest about this one. I requested it on the basis of the blurb before I had read book 1. After finishing book 1, I didn’t really care for this series (mostly because of the horrendous editing) or care for the MC (because he was portrayed as a complete ass in the first book). But, I had already requested it and there was a small part of me that hoped, for the author’s sake, that this one turned out better than the first.

I am happy to say that Book 2 in this series was a better showing than the first. There were still some proofreading errors, but the language was not as childish and repetitive. I could tell that at least some form of editing had been attempted on this story.

I am also happy to say that book two pulled me into this series where the first book did not. Unfortunately, it was not because of the MCs in this one, but the promise of future MCs that accomplished this task. The author did a great job hinting at what is to come in such a way that I want it now! I am interested in the potential of that promised relationship.

I ended this one understanding Volt a bit better. The author gave the reader a glimpse into his past and created a plotline that allowed him to redeem himself and become Heath’s hero. All these things softened my opinion of him. However, I still did not really “like” Volt. There was very little information given as to why he was always so mean and why he just took control of Heath’s life, assuming he knew what Heath wanted. I think I felt this way, because the author chose to attribute all romantic development to the history between these two characters. Yet she failed to adequately display that history in a way that made me understand why Heath allowed Volt to treat him like crap for so long and then instantly forgive him once Volt takes control in the bedroom (this is where the “BDSM” came into play, though it was mostly some power displays, name calling, and spanking). I just felt like there was too much focus on sex and not enough focus on relationship or character growth. It was almost as if this story was a basis for something longer, and the details necessary to fill in the developmental gaps remained unfinished.

Overall, I liked this one better than book one. There were still editing issues and a few flaws in the story execution, but the author was able to keep me reading until the end and she has me wanting the next book in the series. I am glad I gave this one a shot, and am so happy to see that the editors worked to allow the author’s talent to show a bit more than in book 1.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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