His Client by Ava March ~ Book Review by Josie Goodreads

His Client Title: His Client

Author: Ava March

Publisher: TKA Distribution

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 5.00 of 5 Stars


Love wasn’t supposed to be part of the bargain…

On every visit to Madame Delacroix’s brothel, Nathaniel Travers requests the same man. Stunningly handsome and highly skilled, Jasper not only shares Nate’s fondness for wickedly erotic games and black leather corsets, but he has become a trusted confidant. And Jasper’s the only person who knows Nate longs for a committed relationship with his childhood friend, Peter Edmonton.

Unrequited love hurts, but it hurts even more when the object of affection is in love with another. Jasper Reed has been working at Delacroix’s for a decade. He’s saved enough to retire, yet he remains at the decadent London brothel. Leaving would mean leaving Nate and the hope someday the rugged gentleman would stop pining for his best friend and realize he loves Jasper, just as Jasper loves him.

Edmonton’s impending marriage looms before them, causing Jasper to take another look at his stubborn heart. Yet Jasper’s a bastard whore, and Nate’s the nephew of a viscount. Surely there can’t be any hope for them…

Note: This is a previously published work. This second edition has been edited with minor changes. For readers who purchased the original edition, this second edition is not substantially different

Josie Goodreads’s View:

His Client by Ava March is a sinfully delicious story of unrequited love, of two men who are perfect for each other if only eyes could be opened. It’s regency historical, which is my favourite genre, and it’s a re-release. I first read this story years ago and it grabbed at my heart just as much now as it did then, and that cover, how could I not draw your attention to the stunningly gorgeous new cover (that’s Jasper perfectly framed in my mind).

Jasper Reed is a man of the night, he works at Madame Delacroix’s, a high end brothel catering for the more discerning customer. Sodomy is illegal so everything surrounding Jaspers profession is very discrete and circumspect. Jasper offers a service for those who like men, especially those who like to role play. For the last five years one of his regular clients has been Nathaniel (Nate) Travers. Nate is the reason Jasper continues to work at Madame Delacroix’s, he had the money saved to retire years before but Jasper has been in love with Nate for years and Nate is the reason he stays. Unfortunately Nate believes himself in love with his best friend, Peter Edmonton, or at least he thought he was, until Jasper finally retires and Nate realises that he was pinning for the wrong man all along.

Nate’s despondency and desolation over Peter’s wedding to the lovely Catherine finally convince Jasper that Nate will never look at him as anything more than a whore he spends time with, someone play his kinky games with. Jasper has finally had enough, realising that he needs to move on, that his dreams of the two of them together are just hopeless wishes. Jasper is unspoken truth to the statement if you love someone let them go. Plus of course the unbridled truth is that Jasper is a whore and Nate is a gentleman so how could they ever have a future together?

As much as His Client is the story of two men my heart wept for Jasper. Jasper loves Nate so much that in the end he has to walk away, trusting that Nate would find his way without him, knowing that if he stayed he would never be strong enough to make the break. He’s been saving his earnings for years hoping to eventually buy a house in the country, a small place where he can live simply as his own man with no one ever knowing who he was before.

Nate on the other hand was infuriating; he was clueless and so blind. He had imagined himself in love with Peter for so long that he just couldn’t imagine a future with anyone else. In his mind Peter was perfect for him, and they would have been perfect together. But Nate was looking through rose coloured glasses Peter wasn’t gay and had never given Nate any reason to think he was. They were boyhood friends, best friends and nothing more. All the time Nate had Jasper right in front of him, he just wasn’t looking clearly at what he already had, and once he realises what a fool he’s been he can only hope he hasn’t lost Jasper for ever.

His Client is a long novella at over 40,000 words, but it’s intense and very emotional. The character development is deep enough for both men to get under the readers skin. The story is told through both men’s POV but favouring Jasper slightly more. The story is just made up Jasper and Nate, no one else is needed or required, no secondary characters to confuse the issue, even Peter, Nate’s beloved and Jaspers nemesis, is reduced to a caricature.

Of course this is by Ava March so a happy ending is guaranteed but don’t let that put you off. His Client is a rollercoaster of emotions, it’s erotic and intense and the sex scenes are sinfully delicious, more role play than BDSM. It’s the perfect story when you need a bit of spice in your life but not a story that’s sugar sweet, there’s enough angst in His Client to keep all that sweet sugar at bay.

Highly recommended (especially if you like a man in a black corset!)

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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