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Prism Book Alliance would like to thank JP Barnaby for taking the time to talk with us today about their retro title from Dreamspinner Press, Little Boy Lost Series. Prism recently reviewed Little Boy Lost Series. You can find the reviews here (will be live throughout the day): Escaped, Abandoned, Vanished, Discovered, Escaped, Sacrificed.



1. We are here today to talk about the Little Boy Lost Series. What can you tell us about it?

Anything you want, Brian and Jamie have been with me for a very long time. The two things I can tell you that people may not know:

  • I have a video interview recorded with Mike Burrows on my YouTube Channel


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  • There is a companion story to the Little Boy Lost series called Throw Away Boys. This short was then recorded into an adult scene starring models Devon Hunter and Perry Cavalari to promote the series.

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But, it is a beautiful coming of age story that resonates with gay men because it isn’t melodrama, it isn’t sugar-coated, it’s as real as it gets.

2. Tell us more about each of Jamie and Brian?

Brian is a beautiful kid, shy, sweet, sensitive, and so incredibly loyal to those he loves. In his head, he’s a plain, geeky, awkward boy—far less popular than his beautiful blond best friend. He lives in the shadow of Jamie’s love and protection. As the story progresses, he finds his LGBT community, brothers with which he can identify and he grows into a strong, protective advocate. It’s an exquisite journey to watch.

Jamie is the golden boy—apple of his parents’ eyes, popular in school—he seems to have it all, everything except someone who knows the real Jamie, the gay one. His journey isn’t an easy one throughout the series. It’s representative of the horrible things that can happen to our LGBT youth when they’re thrown away by their parents. But, as we see later – Jamie becomes an amazing author with a big heart and a lot of respect for homeless LGBT youth.

3. What about the Little Boy Lost series makes you the most proud?

Soon after we finished the adult series, I had a gay man tell me that if he’d had those books when he was a teenager, he wouldn’t have tried to kill himself. The fact that they resonate so deeply with the people for whom they were written makes me very proud.

A few years ago, I was talking with the mother of a gay teenager. She said her son could not come to terms with being gay and had become depressed and suicidal. I took the entire series, wrote notes in each book, boxed them up along with some Trevor Project and other bracelets and such, and sent them to him. Recently, his mother let me know that he’s now out, in college and dating, more comfortable with himself and his sexuality.

Once the books were translated to a YA series (the Waiting for Forever series by Jamie Mayfield, published by Harmony Ink), I had a boy come to me and tell me how incredibly frightened he was—of being gay, of life, of anyone learning his secret. We spent a lot of time talking, he and I. Then he read the Waiting for Forever series. Two years later, that amazing guy became class president in his senior year, out and proud, an advocate for himself and his LGBT family around him.

The thing that makes me the most proud of the Little Boy Lost series is their power to help young gay men love themselves again.

4. If you could change one thing in the Little Boy Lost series what would it be and why?

I had the opportunity to do just that when we translated the series to YA. With the exception of the things we changed for the new audience, I changed nothing. I love those books just the way they are.

5. Can you talk a little about the inspiration for this series?

Several years ago, adult model Brent Corrigan published a four-part blog post on his entry into the porn industry and the tenuous beginning of his career with Cobra. In his image of a boy brought to the industry by a manipulative boyfriend and a producer who actively hid his age rather than protecting him. It struck a chord with me, and I wrote a fictionalized story inspired by my compassion for the boy whose story I’d just read.

I’ve read several other biographical pieces on Brent Corrigan and followed his career in the industry, impressed with his resilience and strength.

6. You did something special with Little Boy Lost and made it into a YA version. Can you talk a bit about Jamie’s version of these stories?

Harmony Ink didn’t exist when I wrote the Little Boy Lost series. At the time, we didn’t have an outlet to make these books into something teenage boys could identify with so they didn’t feel so scared and alone. When Elizabeth told us about Harmony Ink at our annual author conference, I took my friend’s admission to heart—that if he’d had those books as a teenager, he wouldn’t have tried to kill himself. I went to Elizabeth and told her what I wanted to do. But, these books were to help our kids, I couldn’t make money from them. So, in honor of Jamie’s struggle, we approached Lost-N-Found Youth, an organization I’d been working with in Atlanta. Dreamspinner worked out the tax part of it so that I don’t even see the money, and 100% of all Jamie Mayfield royalties are sent to LNFY to help our kids get back on their feet.

Jamie’s version of these stories is the same except we’ve removed sex not essential to the plot. We’ve also softened the language of the sexual scenes to make the moment more about emotional connections. We toned down some of the violence near the end, but the message in these books is so important, we kept the books very close to the original.

7. Which title in the Little Boy Lost series is your favorite and why?

Oh, that’s like asking which is my favorite kid! I don’t know that I have a favorite, honestly. So, I tell you what—instead, here is what I love most about each book:

  • I love the sweet love and connection in the first book.

  • I love Brian’s growth and commitment to Jamie in the second book.

  • I love Brian’s acceptance of himself in the third book.

  • I love Jamie’s commitment to Brian in the fourth book.

  • I love Mike’s protective streak in the fifth book.

  • I love Jamie’s growth in the sixth book.
    8. If you could have a conversation with any famous author, who would you want to get writing tips from and what skill of theirs would you like to emulate?

Luckily, I get to have conversations with famous authors all the time. Some of the most amazing authors in our genre have no issue giving tips. As to whose style I would most like to emulate, I think that’s probably obvious in what I write—when I grow up, I want to be Amy Lane. I tease her about this because she thinks I’m insane, but she’s such a talented writer and a warm, welcoming, wonderful friend. I stand by my decision.

9. Tell us about some of your other titles.

My favorites right up there with the Little Boy Lost series are Aaron (and Spencer), A Heart for Robbie, and In the Absence of Monsters. These books represent the core of who I am as a person. Aaron is about a boy struggling to find himself again after being brutally assaulted. A Heart for Robbie follows Julian Holmes as he fights to save his son’s life. In the Absence of Monsters, my very first novel, is about Master Ethan and his battle for normalcy after being abducted as a child by a monster.

My books, my boys, touch people in so many ways. They find your darkest secrets and let you know that despite them, you’ll still be okay.

10. Rapid Fire Time

  • Night or Day? – Day, I’m a total morning person.
  • Pen or pencil? – Pencil, I have dozens in my backpack.
  • Star Wars or Star Trek? – Star Trek, without question.
  • Cry or Scream? – Heh. Sir likes it when I scream.
  • Fire or Ice? – I love a warm cozy fire on a cool night.
  • Mayo or Miracle Whip? – Mayo, though I have no definitive answer why.
  • Mini Van or SUV? – SUV, definitely. I have a Saturn Vue I’ll drive until it dies because I’ll never be able to get another one. *sob*
  • Tea or Coffee? – Neither, actually. I’m not a coffee or tea drinker.
  • TV or movies? – Movies, once I started writing, I don’t really watch TV.
  • Fisting or Watersports? – Whatever Sir wishes.

10. What are you working on? What is next?

I’ve decided not to talk about upcoming projects because that only increases the stress and expectations of my readers. In the queue I have Anthony, the next book in the Aaron series and The Monster Within, the next book in the Monsters series—other than that, I’ll hold onto my current projects.


Title: Little Boy Lost Series
Author: JP Barnaby
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond
Publication Date: 06/24/2013
Genre/Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Gay, Gay Fiction



Little Boy Lost: Book One

Little Boy Lost is the story of Brian McAllister, the boy next door.

Brian goes to school, does his homework, and helps his foster parents around the house. Brian also has a secret: he is in love with his best friend, Jamie. But in Crayford, Alabama, being in love with another boy is the worst kind of sin.

Brian and Jamie will discover just how deep their emotional bond runs, and at what cost. What will they do if their secret is discovered? From fumbling through their first sexual experiences to hiding all aspects of their relationship from everyone in their lives, Brian and Jamie battle for the one thing that is truly theirs—love.


Little Boy Lost: Book Two

Jamie is gone.

Brian’s secret has been revealed.

Brian McAllister’s story continues as he tries to cope with the loss of his best friend and soul mate amid the alienation and ridicule of his classmates. When hatred turns to violence, Brian narrows his focus to two goals: surviving and finding Jamie. Along the way he meets Adam, whose life has also been shattered by violence and cruelty. Can Adam fill the hole in Brian’s life left by Jamie’s absence? The answer will change everything.


Little Boy Lost: Book Three

Brian McAllister’s story continues in San Diego, where he finds so much more than he ever expected: acceptance, friends, encouragement, and an entire world of sexual adventure he’d never dared to imagine back in his small Alabama town. He continues to search for one lost boy in a sea of humanity but slowly begins to realize that maybe dreams really don’t come true.

Encouraged by new friends Mike and Emilio, Brian struggles to find work and keep his spirits up while his hope of finding Jamie starts to falter. But when life comes crashing down, he’s desperate to keep his new life. Can Brian do the unthinkable to remain in California when his money runs out? When Brian meets a beaten and bruised boy no one seems willing to help, he knows that walking away is no longer an option.


Little Boy Lost: Book Four

Little Boy Lost is the story of Jamie Mayfield, a golden-haired fallen angel. Dumped into a gay rehab center and shunned by his parents, the once-adored son of small-minded, small town people has had to find his own way in life.

Jamie is astonished and dismayed when Brian McAllister, the boy he knows is the other half of his soul, explodes back into his precarious life. In the nearly two years they’ve been apart, not a day has gone by that Jamie hasn’t thought of Brian, no matter how hard surviving has been. How can Jamie protect Brian from the pain and brutalization in his life when he can’t even protect himself? Brian and Jamie will put every bit of themselves into saving each other, but Steven O’Dell isn’t the only obstacle keeping the boys apart. Jamie’s own self-hatred may prove to be their undoing.


Little Boy Lost: Book Five

Finally together, Brian McAllister and Jamie Mayfield have risked everything in a desperate escape. Jamie is now free of his tormentor, Steven O’Dell… for the moment. But Brian and Jamie know that one wrong choice could lead Steven to their door.

With the strength of Brian and his friends to protect him, Jamie hides and finds the one person he is truly afraid of—himself. The long, lonely hours in the place Leo found for them to stay leave Jamie with nothing to do but think. He thinks about Brian, about the direction their lives should take. He thinks about his parents, about the industry he left behind. Mostly, though, he thinks about drugs. Jamie wants to feel good again, forget about his self-hatred, and stop the gnawing cravings that prey upon his mind and body even as he tries to start a new life with Brian.

One moment of weakness may prove to be fatal for them both.


Little Boy Lost: Book Six

Reunited with his father but missing the one man he loves more than any other, Jamie Mayfield attempts to put his life back together amid rehab, seizures, and the gutting loneliness of Brian’s rejection. As he tries to cope, Jamie finds that relying on his friends isn’t nearly as difficult as he’d imagined, and soon he can once again stand on his own two feet.

While recovering from his addiction, Jamie starts a new phase of his life at college, working to become the man Brian needs him to be. Only one question remains: Can Jamie earn Brian’s forgiveness and win back his trust, or will their love be sacrificed at the altar of Jamie’s demons?

Brian and Jamie’s epic journey comes to a close in this thrilling conclusion to the Little Boy Lost series.



About the Author:

“Award winning romance novelist, J. P. Barnaby has penned over a dozen books including the Working Boys series, the Little Boy Lost series, In the Absence of Monsters, and Aaron. As a bisexual woman, J.P. is a proud member of the GLBT community both online and in her small town on the outskirts of Chicago. A member of Mensa, she is described as brilliant but troubled, sweet but introverted, and talented but deviant. She spends her days writing software and her nights writing erotica, which is, of course, far more interesting. The spare time that she carves out between her career and her novels is spent reading about the concept of love, which, like some of her characters, she has never quite figured out for herself.

Web site:






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