King of Rain by Michele Fogal ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

KingofRain Title: King of Rain

Author: Michele Fogal

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars


A West Coast Boys Novel

Being uber-tall and broad made it easy for Logan to hide his sexuality and vulnerability behind armor made of strength, ambition, and emotional detachment. His mask of macho success was shattered when he discovered the friend he’s carried a secret torch for has a boyfriend, and everything he’s always wanted now belongs to someone else. Logan can’t pretend not to care anymore, as his rage erupts in a horrible act of revenge. It’s impossible to hide his demons, now that they’ve broken loose.

Since losing his sweet boyfriend, Jeremy’s loud and proud life of sex parties and clubbing feels empty. When he meets the dark and self-destructive Logan, Jeremy recognizes the demons he sees in Logan’s eyes. After all, he has plenty of his own.

Logan isn’t looking for love, he’s looking for punishment and release, but with Jeremy all three seem momentarily possible… until he learns his victim was Jeremy’s lost love. Logan doesn’t expect forgiveness and knows he doesn’t deserve a real life, but after a taste of intimate closeness, finding salvation alone will mean he has to change, or die trying.


King of Rain is the sequel to Michel Fogal’s King of Snowflakes which I reviewed. I enjoyed that book enough that I was eager for more from this world and this author. There were two potential stars for book 2, Logan and Jeremy. I didn’t know from which one we would hear, but I was interested to see how their stories played out. Turns out they are the same story… this one.

This isn’t a case of two friends of friends hooking up. They find each other independent of their former associations with Sky and Ryan. A bit of a “small world” thing going on there. Of course, one of them knows of the association and one does not. It makes for an interesting plot point without being overbearing.

If you have read Snowflakes, you know that neither of these men is the most positive of characters. Actually, Logan is downright reprehensible at the end of Snowflakes. However, we know just enough about both men to know there is more to the story. Despite my eagerness to know that story, Fogal had an uphill battle to make me care about these characters. In the end, she won the battle.

Logan was last seen as the villain in Sky and Ryan’s love story. He turned from jealous ex-lover to predator. Jeremy is Sky’s douchecanoe ex-boyfriend. They both have to undertake a journey of self-discovery to find happiness. Those journeys are the focus of Rain. They just happen to occur together and in dueling first-person perspectives.

I will leave the details of their respective journeys for your reading pleasure. I will say this about them, however. It isn’t pretty. I spent much of the book wondering if they were really right for each other. I spent much of it wondering if they were setting themselves up for a dysfunctional relationship. When two lost souls find each other, it will either be a disaster or spectacular. Logan and Jeremy manage to move from one end of the spectrum to the other in the space of about 200 pages.

Not every device used in that journey is positive. Not every scene is beautiful. Actually, their first encounter is pretty head-shaking. It will likely have a few readers up in arms. There is also the little matter of a cocaine problem that is basically brushed aside to the point that I wondered why it was included at all.

However, by the time I got to the last page, my opinions of Logan and Jeremy had both improved. I thought they were certainly on their way to finding happiness. Now I need to know more about the roomie…

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