Klaxon at the Core (Psionic Frequency Book 2) by Talya Andor ~ Book Review by Christine

Klaxon Cover Title: Klaxon at the Core (Psionic Frequency Book 2)

Author: Talya Andor

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Cover Artist: London Burden

Rating: 4.0 of 5 Stars


After surviving alone on Noise for years, twins Bastian and Theo are exhilarated and terrified by the thriving chaos of Central. Even in the middle of civilization, they stand apart, bound together by their years of isolation. Central is their chance to change that and find the ordinary lives they never knew on Noise. Long, lonely days struggling to survive are firmly in their past.

But the present proves to hold conflicts of its own, and if Bastian and Theo hope to survive to enjoy their new lives, they may have to return to the hard lessons of their nightmarish past …

Note: This story features a relationship between Bastian and Theo.


Please note the publisher’s tag that this story features a physical relationship between Bastian and Theo.

Bastian and Theo, twin brothers who survived alone on the colony planet Noise for years, have been rescued and brought to Central. Now they must learn to adjust to a bustling civilization, one that holds both the possibility of a bright future as well as new dangers they never expected to face.

Klaxon at the Core, the second book of the Talya Andor’s Psionic Frequency series, begins almost immediately from where its predecessor, Noise, left off. Though not as fast-paced as the first book, this installment provides a different tone and perspective to the boys’ lives as new perils are revealed more slowly, with the action hitting in fits and starts and building up to a crashing, climactic ending.

The main focus of this story is on the assessment of the boys’ psionic abilities and in providing a clearer picture of psionic community and its levels in general. As the boys’ skills are discovered, both by them and by the powers that be, new vulnerabilities also surface. Not only must they process the strengths they possess, but they must also try to assimilate to the world of Central and its social structure. The author does a good job of portraying the frustrations and cockiness inherent in the teenagers’ attitudes and struggles. Their attempts to adjust to life in Central is one of the highlights of the book, and I wanted more of these scenes as Bastian and Theo tried to fit in with others in their new surroundings.

The physical relationship between the twins is downplayed considerably here, as well. Though there are some tender and exuberant scenes between the two of them, most of the intimacy occurs off-page. The theme here is on their emotional and psionic connection, as it plays a much more significant role in the plot this time around. Additionally, some new and likable secondary characters are introduced in this second installment, and favorites from the previous book make a fond reappearance. The boys’ interactions with each other and with outside personalities vary in their range on a fairly realistic teenage scale as trust is established (or not) and relationships are forged and strengthened.

The big pay-off here, however, is the riveting suspense of the latter part of the story. The intensity seen in the first book returns full force in a nail-biting climax as the reader is brought rapidly into the fray. It is the stuff of theme park roller coaster rides, the slow build-up of earlier events gradually ascending to the top of the hill, and then plunging headlong into the mouth of danger in an exhilarating ending. I was hoping that the pace would pick up and the twins and their cohorts would be caught up in something bigger and more menacing, and I was certainly not disappointed.

I thoroughly enjoyed Klaxon at the Core and recommend it for sci fi adventure fans and for those who delight in a little twin action. I am hoping that this isn’t the end of Bastian and Theo’s story, as these two brothers and their journey together have captivated me.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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