Lucky Seven by EL Esch ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

ee_lucky_seven Title: Lucky Seven

Author: EL Esch

Publisher: Loose Id

Cover Artist: Dar Albert

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars


Dante Mathers, college student, fifth year, has a track record for being dishonest with himself, and is about to undergo the biggest, scariest change of his life.

Dante’s forced himself to go out with girls in the past and he does it again when he’s approached by the beautiful Serena one day on campus, desperate to prove to himself that he’s “normal.” But when he loses a drinking contest and is dared to go to the next campus GLBT meeting by his best friend, he’s not sure how to handle it. Sure he could blow it off and say he went, but something nagging at the back of his mind compels him to go anyway. After all, he’s had problems with intimacy in the past and his first crush was a boy in high school. But is he really forcing himself to go, or is he finally starting to be honest with himself? No need to over think this, Dante tells himself. It’ll be get in, get out. No need to talk to anyone. Easy, right?

But then he meets Sven. Sexy, toned, wearing a leather jacket with spiked up bleach-blond hair, Sven’s bad-boy flare sticks out on campus and catches Dante’s eye. But there’s more to Sven than his punkish looks, and Dante’s about to find out all the sultry little details.

Brandilyn’s View:

I slept on this review. Then I woke up and still couldn’t put fingers to keyboard.

When I finished Lucky Seven by EL Esch last night, I couldn’t think what to say. Sometimes that is the sign of a poorly received book. However, in this case, I don’t thing that is the issue. I simply am at a loss. There is a lot packed into the pages of this story. A lot that I am glad I read.

Dante and Sven are an odd pair. Dante is so far in the closet that he can’t even admit to himself his feelings. Sven has such social anxiety issues that he can barely go out as himself. There is a lot of denial on both sides. The story is told entirely from Dante’s perspective, so we miss a lot of the inner workings of Sven’s mind. We are still able to piece together much of his discomfiture, however.

There are a few times in the story that I was hoping for an explanation that never came. Like the whole “you didn’t defend him?” I mean, I get that it is a douche move to watch someone get beat up, but Dante’s reaction is a bit over the top against his best friend. Then when he find out that his potential new roomie not only didn’t stop an attack, but participated, he barely bats an eye. It just didn’t fit. There are a few other unexplained details throughout the story, which held it back from the 4* that I thought I would be giving it.

Sven and Dante are college students, granted they are seniors or fifth years or something–I was never concrete on the timeline. Regardless, they are still figuring themselves out. It shows in how they react to each other and the world at large. They stilted and awkward. They are timid and unsure. They make mistakes. However, they are sweet together. The obligatory “big breakup” scene was pretty anti-climactic, but the ending was still satisfying enough.

I would be interested in other offerings from this author.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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