Lycan Patnership by Ariel Tachna ~ Book Review by Caroline

17161213 Title: Lycan Patnership

Author: Ariel Tachna

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


A spin-off of the Partnership in Blood series.

By the time the alpha of the Morvan werewolf pack approaches l’Institut Marcel Chavinier for help solving his people’s fertility problems, pack numbers have dwindled and the remaining members are desperate. Though the wizards at l’Institut have no experience with werewolves, their lore, or their brand of magic, Raymond agrees to help.

At l’ANS headquarters, Raymond finds Marc Gourlin, a young wizard fascinated with werewolves. Marc agrees to visit the werewolves’ home to study their rituals for the source of the problem. But when he arrives, he finds himself distracted by Adenet Silaire, the pack shaman. The attraction between them is powerful, but though Marc suspects he might be Adenet’s mate, Adenet rebuffs him. Marc is a man, and Adenet’s sense of responsibility will not let him take a male mate when the pack so desperately needs children.

Meanwhile, Jean and Raymond discover the Aveu de Sang allows a vampire’s Avoué to calm his inner beast. For Jean and Orlando, this is wonderful news—but it only convinces Thierry how much Sebastian is missing out on because they cannot form an Aveu de Sang. Determined to give his partner everything he can, Thierry sets out to recreate the bond denied them by Sebastien’s past.

Caroline’s View:

This is book 3 in a spin off series to the Partnership in Blood books and introduces werewolves to the wizards.

The Morvan werewolf pack has problems. They once numbered over 200 but are now down to fifty as there have been no pups born for years. They are not the only pack in France with this problem and when the pack alphas mate loses the will to live due to her failure to provide an heir he takes matters into his own hands and asks the wizards for help.

As was the case when the wizards first joined forces with the vampires there is a lot of mistrust from the werewolves where the wizards and their magic is concerned. A young wizard called Marc who is really only just learning his magic but is fascinated and knowledgeable about werewolves is brought into help.

Within a werewolf pack the person responsible for the packs care and who performs ceremonies including the fertility ceremony is the Shaman. Adenet is the Shaman to the Morvan pack and sees the failure of the mating ceremony as a personal failure, he also abhors the idea of wizards and their magic but bows to his alphas request to at least explore the idea of receiving their help.

Werewolves recognise their mate on site and when Adenet meets Marc his wolf sits up and pays attention. The more human side of Adenet refuses to acknowledge the fact though and this doesn’t bode well for fixing the packs magic. Man and wolf need to be in harmony and Adenet is feeling anything but.

Back at the l’ANS headquarters the vampires and wizards are still discovering things about their partnerships, particularly the ones who have an Avoue. This leaves Sebastian and Theirry with a problem as they can never form that part of their relationship. An experiment to soothe Sebastian’s inner beast doesn’t go as planned leaving both men adrift.

This world that Ariel has created just keeps getting better and better and I would be happy if it never had to end!

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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