Mnevermind 3: Life is Awesome by Jordan Castillo Price ~ Book Review by Christine

Mnevermind 3: Life is Awesome is the final book in the Mnevermind Trilogy. I have fallen in love with this series and am sad to see it come to an end.

Mnevermind3 Cover Title: Mnevermind 3: Life is Awesome

Author: Jordan Castillo Price

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Jordan Castillo Price

Rating: 5.0 of 5 Stars


Daniel Schroeder wants nothing more than to repair his father’s broken memories, but it’s been a long time since he’s thought of himself as a memorysmith. Even though convincing Big Dan of their current reality is the most painful task Daniel faces every morning, somehow life manages to prevent him from finding a cure. He needs to keep their family business running. And he needs to moonlight at a competitor’s shop to keep all his employees paid. Or maybe he’s just trying to keep himself from exacerbating the situation.

A year ago, Daniel would have presumed he was clever enough to memorysmith his way out of their predicament, but nowadays he’s not so cavalier. Playing with people’s memories shouldn’t be taken lightly, and things can always get worse. Even with the help of some of the best minds in the business, Daniel still isn’t sure how to navigate his way out of the persistent false memory that’s crippled his life. Is new programming the answer? Better gear? More money? Or is time the only thing that can heal Big Dan’s memories…if they can even be fixed at all.

What Daniel needs most is some breathing room, and Elijah Crowe is eager to provide it. Since he’s smitten with Daniel, Elijah is determined to prove himself—and he’s more than qualified to clear Daniel’s schedule by taking over some duties at Adventuretech. With the support of his new boyfriend, possibilities begin to open up for Daniel, hints of things he hasn’t even realized he’d stopped hoping for: the contentment of a harmonious family, the fulfillment of his creative expression, and a chance for a relationship with a man he loves.

This book completes the Mnevermind Trilogy.

Christine’s View:

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to read and review the first two books of this fantastic trilogy, The Persistence of Memory and Forget Me Not, should be read in order and prior to Life is Awesome. Though it’s difficult to see the series come to a conclusion, this skillfully crafted third installment is certainly a satisfying tie-up for the Mnevermind world and its quirky, lovable inhabitants.

What I have found fascinating about this story and those that precede it in the series is that though they deal with a science fiction theme and the creation of temporary memories for recreation and profit, the characters, relationships, and themes are brimming with realism. The lines between reality and “mneming” are continually blurred as the characters strive for solutions to the mysteries of memory science and pursue the technology of altering the brain to perceive something it manufactures as reality. However, the humanity of the people within this story and their connection to one another is authentic and heartening. Simple, basic truths lie within the science fiction world of Life is Awesome, particularly when it comes to family and romantic relationships.

The love shared between Daniel and his father, Big Dan, is subtle yet tangible and is a key component in the appeal of this story. They share warm, personal moments that ring with just the right amount of sentimentality, and the guilt and concern Daniel feels surrounding his dad’s persistent “mneme” are particularly moving and serve as the impetus for a good portion of the action and emotion in the story. Similarly, the continuing development of romance between Daniel and Elijah feels refreshingly authentic. These two are simply perfect in their imperfections, accepting each other for who they are and dedicated to making the relationship work despite the obstacles and frustrations. I simply adore these two, and the growth they make throughout the trilogy, both together and apart, is gratifying and touching.

I don’t wish to give too much away, so I will just say how much I love this series and its conclusion. The author’s fascinating look at memory science and the possibility of related technology delves just deep enough to be engaging, providing details that are pertinent but not overly done or cumbersome. I love how she handles her characters, maintaining their grit and honesty while helping them move past the paralysis from their perceived failures. I fell completely and unquestioningly into the Mnevermind world she creates, captivated by the premise, entranced by her endearing characters, and riveted by the compelling events that have brought this series to a close. As one of the most satisfying and thought-provoking series I have ever read, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It has made me a Jordan Castillo Price fan for life.



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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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4 thoughts on “Mnevermind 3: Life is Awesome by Jordan Castillo Price ~ Book Review by Christine

    • So glad you liked the review. I hope you enjoy the series as much as I did, kp. Thank you for your comment! 🙂

  1. Great review of a wonderful trilogy! I loved this trilogy–it was so different and multifaceted. The characters have great depth and the supporting characters are very vital to the story. The whole concept of Mnevermind and memorysmithing is SO COOL!

    • Darla, I couldn’t agree more! JCP does a superb job with her characters, and I found the sci fi aspect to be quite compelling. Thank you for your comment!

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