Nine Lights Over Edinburgh by Harper Fox ~ Book Review by Lirtle

nine-lights-over-edinburg-cover-1 Title: Nine Lights Over Edinburgh

Author: Harper Fox

Publisher: Carina Press

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


Detective Inspector James McBride is riding high on the belief that he’s about to bust a human-trafficking ring. But just five days before Christmas, his unorthodox methods catch up with him and his world comes crashing down.

McBride tries to concentrate on his new day job as security for the visiting Israeli ambassador. He even starts to feel a renewed sense of self-worth when the leader of the Israeli team, the aristocratic Tobias Leitner, takes a bullet for him in the line of duty. But he can’t forget the trafficking case, especially when his investigations result in the kidnapping of his own daughter! McBride has no one to turn to for help—no one, except Toby.

Can these two very different men work together to bring about a holiday miracle—and heal one another’s heart in the process?

Lirtle’s View:

I love Harper Fox’s writing, and this is definitely her style, with something about it that’s a bit more grounded. Her fantastic handle on language is here, in full force, but it’s more accessible, not as dreamlike as some of her other works.

This one takes some time to work its way but every word is just so wonderfully enjoyable. Set in Edinburgh (I mean, c’mon, that’s a winner right there) and some of its magical qualities, real or imagined, are a constant companion to the characters.

Speaking of which, we’re talking mature, seen-a lot-of-life people in this story. We’re talking diversity in terms of country of origin, religious experience, and life experience in general. The exception to all of this is that both James, our local guy, and Tobias, one of the Israeli agents part of the group protecting the visiting ambassador, know how to handle themselves in the line of duty. What comes from that is something so lovely and honest and, well, magical.

I think that’s a key to enjoying this story, at least it was for me. There is a need to suspend your disbelief to a certain level. For as gritty and realistic and challenging the situations for these characters are, all of those are set against that magical element that is both a part of Edinburgh and Fox’s writing style.

There are unexpected turns, very well done supporting characters, humorous dialogue and incredibly tense moments. I literally found myself leaning forward while reading the closer I got to the end. You may just find yourself pulling for all of the right people and wanting to hock a loogie at the bad guys. I was oh so very tempted. I had some fantastically fun and strong reactions to this story and these characters and I really can’t ask for much more than that.

I couldn’t find fault. Simple as that. I love.

James and Tobias deserve to have a full length story with so much possibility between them and for their future. What’dya say, Ms. Fox? 😉

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4 thoughts on “Nine Lights Over Edinburgh by Harper Fox ~ Book Review by Lirtle

  1. I wish that I was read this book right now so I could find out how, what, where, and does things come out good for every one involved I always want things to come out right for every one involved.

  2. If only we could read like ten books at a time and ENJOY them, not missing a moment. So many times I’ve read a review and wanted to start reading that book RIGHTNOW lol 😀

  3. This was actually the very first Harper Fox I have ever read. It was part of an anthology I picked up and I was instantly in love! I was sad because many others left less than stellar reviews and I just could not understand why they did not see what I saw when I read this. I am so glad you shared my view and want more from these men too!!!!! 🙂

  4. Right?! Lol

    My very first of Harper’s was Scrap Metal. I think it was the first book I posted about on FB, then found GR, and it was off to the races, all of it leading me here. 😀

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