Partnership Reborn by Ariel Tachna ~ Book Review by Caroline

23363245 Title: Partnership Reborn

Author: Ariel Tachna

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


A Partnership in Blood novel

All his life, wizard Raphael Tarayaud has dreamed of a vampire—first as a friend, then as a lover. His search for his missing soul mate brings him to the attention of Sebastien Noyer, one of his childhood heroes. While Sebastien isn’t his soul mate, he could be the perfect partner for Raphael’s best friend Kylian Raffier.

As strange coincidences mount up, Raphael offers his research expertise to try and help Kylian and Sebastien understand what is happening to them, though the more he learns, the less he likes it. But it won’t keep him from fighting with everything he has to secure Kylian’s future.

When he finally meets Jean Bellaiche, former chef de la Cour and grieving widower, the meeting is disastrous, but Raphael can’t let it go. He doesn’t stand a chance with Jean—who could compete with the ghost of Raymond Payet?—but nothing can stop him from dreaming.

Caroline’s View:

If book 4 and that damn epilogue was crushing so was the first chapter of this book as Raymond spends his last days on earth. These vampires really didn’t think through what it would do to my sanity and theirs when they took wizards as their partners and said wizards didn’t live for centuries!

Jean is broken and I’ve got to tell you so was I!! It’s funny how invested you can become in characters so that you are left a blubbering mess when you have to say goodbye.

30 years on and Jean is in no better a place. The only thing stopping him from stepping out into the sunlight is his promise to Raymond to carry on living. Sadly he is not living in any sense of the word and it takes Sebastian to drag him out of his apartment every couple of days to feed to ensure he doesn’t just wither away.

Sebastian has fared slightly better since he lost Thierry having started hunting again about a decade ago but he is nowhere near ready to move on and forget the love of his life or contemplate ever having another relationship.

Raphael is a fairly young wizard who has spent his life having dreams about a faceless vampire who is ‘the one’ for him. Every tried relationship has failed before it has even begun as he holds true to the belief that the other half of his soul is out there somewhere. He spends his spare time stalking venues he knows the vampires congregate in in the hope of finding this mystery man. His best friend Kylian doesn’t believe in his friend’s soul mate theory but is always there as his wingman to keep him out of harm’s way.

There wouldn’t be wizards without magic and this book is full of it. Old magic destined to help old hurts that may allow even older vampires to live again. If ever there was a way for an author to resolve a series and make me love her again this was it. The heart break and desperation felt very real but then there was at least a little hope given as strange things started to happen and Raphael started to look into the past.

I wished we could have had a bit more of the story dedicated to Raphael and Jean, their story seemed a little rushed. My only other wish would be that Orlando could have known.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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