Remarkable Restraint (Grad School Guys #1) by Devon Rhodes ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Remarkable Restraint Title: Remarkable Restraint (Grad School Guys #1)

Author: Devon Rhodes

Publisher: Totally Bound

Cover Artist: Posh Gosh

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


When Justin gets fed up with his best friend Chaz avoiding him, he decides it’s well worth sacrificing his favorite T-shirt to try to save their relationship.

Chaz is finding it impossible to hide his attraction for his straight roommate, so he tries avoiding Justin until he leaves for the summer. He just has to get through a few more days, then he’ll be home free—at least until Justin comes back in a couple of months. Still, he firmly believes that space between them is the best answer for now.

But Justin is not a man to be ignored. He’s known Chaz for almost a decade, and can tell when something is weighing on his mind. And being shut out is not acceptable, especially just when he’s finally ready to commit to more than friendship. When closer than usual proximity just before his trip to Central America turns up the heat between them, he takes matters into his own hands by restraining Chaz’s hands—and feet—until he gets some answers.

The results are explosive and more than either could have dreamt, but the abrupt shift in their relationship is almost impossible to reconcile in the short time they have left together. It will take remarkable restraint from both to find a way to weather the separation, to stay friends…and to grow into something more.

Reader Advisory: This book contains light BDSM elements and bondage.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released as a short story by another publisher. It has been considerably expanded for release with Totally Bound Publishing.

PizzyGirl’s View:

This story was about the time two best friends finally figured out that they both wanted to be more than friends.

For a novella, this one was well structured. The story included just enough background for the reader to understand where the two men were at the start of the story but not so much as to be an overloaded information dump. There was a bit of self induced angst, but that only served to increase my emotional connection to Justin and Chaz. I really did hurt for both men when they were “fighting.” Finally, this story introduced a cast of characters for the future installments of this series. The author gave just enough information about each potential MC that I want to know more, but not so much as to steal the spotlight from Justin and Chaz.

This story was basically a flashback set in the middle of the present action. I liked this. The opening chapter was set in the present and served to easily capture my attention and pique my curiosity. Then the flashback started and I learned the history to understand the details alluded to in that opening chapter. Finally, the end brought the reader back to the present and set things up nicely for a future HEA. I was so glad the author did not force everything to end perfectly. This was a story about the START or a relationship. To end with a firm HEA would have cheated the reader out of any future development between these men. There is so much more for them to explore together and I hope to see this happening in the future installments of this series.

I will admit, there were times during the flashback I got a bit bored. I could have lived without the scene between Andy and Chaz while Justin was gone. It really served no purpose other than to set up Andy as a potential MC for a future novel. I also wish this would have either gone further in exploring the BDSM lifestyle or just gotten rid of it completely. It was basically a big tease that I have a feeling is a set up for future books, but in this one, it left me wanting more.

Overall, while there were a few things that nagged me a bit, I am glad I picked this one up. It was a good start to this series and I look forward to more. This was a short novella, but it packed a punch, especially since this was just a beginning. Bravo to the author for mastering the skill of not shoving an entire lifetime into something so short! This one was just right. 🙂

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