Run with the Moon (Men of Silo #1) by Diana DeRicci ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Run with the Moon Title: Run with the Moon (Men of Silo #1)

Author: Diana DeRicci

Publisher: Purple Sword

Cover Artist: Anastasia Rabiyah, photo by Dan Skinner

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


Jamie Ness is homeless and on the run. After divulging his deepest, guarded secret, his father attacked him, which left no choice but for Jamie to leave everything behind he’d once known.

His greatest fear is that his father will realize the mistake he made in throwing away the only real income coming into their home and hunt for Jamie. Putting distance between his father and wherever he stops is his only priority. After walking for days, putting one foot in front of the other, it’s impossible to turn down a hot meal when Chris Rose pulls up at his side on the outskirts of a town he doesn’t know.

Offering the young man a helping hand is ingrained in Chris. Something to eat, a warm bed, and safety, even if he could only get Jamie to grudgingly agree to one night. He would have offered that and more to the young man with the shadowed eyes, except more trouble was looming for Jamie. It isn’t just Jamie’s dad that Jamie has to worry about, because there is nothing in his life that could have prepared him for Chris’s secrets.

PizzyGirl’s View:

Overall, this was a sweet shifter tale about a damaged man finding healing in his mate. Right from the very beginning, the author established sympathy for Jamie. She let the reader know, that Jamie had a past and it wasn’t pretty. She also established the setting and the characteristics of the Rose family. That they were not alpha male shifters, but kind people who are loving and have great relationships with their community. This world building helped to distinguish this from other shifter stories where the mating is fierce and instant.

I liked that this one was mostly about development and trust and not focused on the sexual aspect of mating. The author was careful of Jamie because of his past and his relative innocence. This one was slow and steady but still full of mystery and angst. There was the mystery of who was setting the fires to keep the reader’s interest while Chris was slowly allowing Jamie to open up and heal. There was also the panic of Jamie being kidnapped by his father. I knew it was coming, because of the story set up, but it still tugged at my heart because I just wanted Jamie to be happy and I hated seeing Chris’s panic. I easily connected with both men and as such, I felt things right along with them.

I like that Jamie didn’t easily accept the idea of shifters or being mates. That he was initially freaked out a little. This only added to my enjoyment of this particular shifter world. I am always excited to find stories where the “mating” instinct doesn’t overrule everything. Where there is still free will and a bit of growth and compromise needed for the HEA to be achieved.

I think this was a great start to this series. It won’t be for everyone because these shifters are not dominant and the focus really wasn’t on the shifting aspect but rather on Jamie and his healing. But if you like books about healing that are tender and loving, this one is for you.

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  1. Another of Diana’s book. I have put all of them on my Must Read List and on my wish list on amazon. That way I don’t for get them when I am going to be spending money. These books will be worth it.

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