Silver & Black by Tyler May ~ Book Review by Caroline

23252649 Title: Silver & Black

Author: Tyler May

Publisher: Hot Ink Press

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


***No BSDM or anything like FSOG. This is an original story about two male lovers.***


Does love have a cost?

Brian Silver is CEO of the world’s largest coffee house chain in the world, Silver Coffee. Growing up in a wealthy family, Silver had it all: money, fame, and any man he wanted, but that was never enough. Silver wants more. After a tragic health event that leaves him vulnerable in life, he realizes that business will not bring him the happiness he needs, and he’ll do anything to find that happiness.

Greyson Black is a coffee house barista in one of the Silver Coffee chains in downtown Manhattan. Greyson is finishing school and determined to find the best path for his life. When Brian Silver makes a “surprise” stop at the franchise, he’s more than intrigued by the young, gorgeous Greyson. Silver knows there’s only one thing that he must have now, and he will do whatever it takes to get him.

When Silver and Greyson get together, sparks fly. Silver is perfect in Greyson’s eyes, but is love blind? A mysterious stranger is out for Greyson, and the mind games have just begun. Greyson starts to question everything, including Silver’s advances. When Danger is lurking around every corner, no one is safe. Greyson will have to determine if love is worth the danger and excitement.

Can attraction be fatal, or will attraction be the saving grace Greyson needs? Will Silver’s secrets ruin them or will someone else have the first shot?

Love is blinding, but suspicion is the real killer.

Silver & Black is a gay mystery romance. 18+ for gay sexual content, language, and some violence.

Caroline’s View:

Tyler May is a relatively new author for me and I fell in love with her blind vampire Zander as soon as I read his story in Angel of Darkness. When I saw Silver & Black was due for publication I quickly put in a request to Prism to review it. Just as the ARC landed in my inbox there were all sorts of posts on social media with it being compared to FSoG. I immediately assumed, wrongly might I add, that it must have a BDSM element – I read a lot of BDSM so that wasn’t a problem and I also assumed, again wrongly, that it wasn’t going to be a particularly healthy relationship between the two MC’s.

People this is not a copy of FSoG. Yes there is a contract….it’s an employment contract and it is turned down. Yes there are some strange circumstances about how this relationship initially starts but I felt it to be a great twist to the story, very unique in its portrayal and one that I had half kind of figured out along the way but the important thing at the end was that Brian Silver was honest, he was also totally smitten and very much in love!

This story has a little bit of everything. A very wealthy man, Brian Silver, who has had some pretty extreme health problems growing up and is determined to make as much of life as possible. A younger man, Greyson Black, who whilst grieving for his mother at fifteen ended up in a bad situation and was left to deal with an horrific breach of trust.

Greyson is a tough cookie for one so young and is determined to make his own way in life. When Brian Silver sweeps into his life he may be enamoured and a little overwhelmed but not once do you get the feeling that he would take advantage of the man’s wealth, in fact he spends a lot of his time turning down his help and offers of extravagant gifts.

Brian for his part adores the younger man and seems too good to be true. The people in his life may be few but they all appear to adore him and it seems that when any of them need help Brian is the first person there to offer it.

This is a story that has a unique plot line, plenty of twists and a dark danger from Greyson’s past that becomes entwined with Brain’s past. Everything appears linked to the pasts of both men but what does that mean to their future? This would have been a 5 star read if not for a few editing issues.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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5 thoughts on “Silver & Black by Tyler May ~ Book Review by Caroline

  1. Frankly, I would read this book simply for the amazing word play evident in the title, characters names, etc. But it was this phrase “unique plot line, plenty of twists” that really caught my interest. You read and review quite a fair number of books, so I expect you’d know an original plot when you saw it.

  2. Awww. thank you for the awesome review. The editing! BLAH. It was and is my nemeses. I used a brand new option**clears throat dropbox** and when I got the edits back I went through and changed everything. Little did I know, that it wasn’t saving! I submitted still unaware of the issue because, Rookie mistake, I never recheck. I just sent it off to it’s wonder all excited. It wasn’t until I started getting comments about it over and over that I downloaded my book and read. I was baffled as to why nothing I fixed was changed. Come to find out, dropbox and cloud are known for that. Never using it again and never sending without checking. It’s completely my fault, but I wanted to let you know that I am changing everything now. 🙂 It should update soon. I started changing it last week using the dropbox again, this was obviously before knowing, and then looked and it wasn’t saved. I asked around and found out others had this issue with the same program. Anyway, I’m back to fixing it all through word and saving through word and email. Not trusting anything else lol. The edited version should be available soon. So sorry for this. <3 I sent an email, but I don't think you got it. I wanted to let you know and other bloggers(reviewers) that was doing this for me 🙂 Again, you are awesome. I appreciate all the kind words. <3

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