Taking Fire: A First Responders Novel by Radclyffe ~ Book Review by Ameliah

Taking-Fire Title: Taking Fire: A First Responders Novel

Author: Radclyffe

Publisher: Bold Strokes Publishing

Cover Artist: Sheri (graphicartist2020@hotmail.com)

Rating: 4.75 of 5 Stars


After two years and too many lost troops, Navy medic Max de Milles is ready to go home. Her last tour is up in four days and she will soon be catching a transport to the States. Life is looking good until she gets detailed to evacuate a humanitarian group in south Somalia.

Rachel Winslow and her Red Cross team are caught in the crossfire during a vicious civil uprising, but she refuses to abandon her team members as the rebels close in on their camp. By the time Max and the Black Hawk arrive, it may already be too late.

Hunted by extremists, Max and Rachel are forced to work together if they are to survive, and in the process, discover something far more lasting.

Ameliah’s View:

Radclyffe does it again!!

Taking Fire is the fourth in Radclyffe’s First Responders series and for me a very long awaited and anticipated book!

In this installment, Max, a navy medic is charged with rescuing Rachel Windslow and other Red Cross workers from a band of rebels in war torn Somalia. Naturally things go to hell in relatively short time (which is good otherwise what’s the point in the tale?). Who is this feisty woman, Rachel, what is SHE doing in the jungle and do they have any hope of rescue? What will happen when things go wrong, very, very wrong? Can Max learn to put her demons to rest and allow herself to feel again? Only time will tell…..

Like all the First Responder sagas, this one is filled with action, suspense, tension and drama. Our hero, Max, certainly proved she was worthy of her title and her place in this excellent series. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. My stomach was in knots and I could not breathe properly once the action started. I was so worried about our heros that I absolutely could not stop reading any more than I could stop fidgeting in my seat!

It was a very hard book to put down, it was one that sucked you in and kept you captive while the story unfolded around you. I loved the flaws and doubts and pain Max had. They made her so very real to me. So often the leads do not have to suffer, they are just heros from the word go for no real reason. This is not the case here, Max works hard for the title. Rachel had such optimism inspire of all she say and dealt with. She never seemed to give up hope or think she could not handle things when they got rough. Her strength was every bit as strong as Max’s. They balanced each other without one over shadowing the other.

It was a wonderful read, worthy of the name Radclyffe!! Thank you so much for gracing us with another in the First Responder series.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. I thank you for your Ameliah’s View on Radcliff’s new book on this great series. I am a newbie to her and her books. This series sounds like I am missing out on some great reads. I am looking forward to looking in to this series of books.

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