#TeamPrismGRL2015 part 1 ~ Sunday Spotlight by Caroline, Lirtle, and Paisley


#TeamPrismGRL2015 part 1:

Six of us are heading to San Diego in October! As a little preview of what is to come, we are taking today and next Sunday to talk a little about why we are excited to go. Today you will hear from Caroline, Lirtle, and Paisley. Next week Brandilyn, Christine, and PizzyGirl are up.


After seeing all the fun the girls from Prism had last year at GRL it has been at the back of my mind since then that attending one was something I really, really, really wanted to do!
I live on the Isle of Man which is a teeny tiny Island in the North Sea which sits between the Uk and Ireland. I love Island life but it is not easy to travel anywhere!! So to get to San Diego will take two days of travel with a stopover in the UK and an early flight out to the States. It will mean racking up over 5000 miles but IT WILL BE SO WORTH IT!!!!
First off I get to meet a tremendous bunch of people that I talk to daily who love books as much as I do – Team Prism is really just the best! Secondly I get to meet the very clever people who put their words out there and give us such wonderful stories. Amazing stories that make us all laugh and cry and who fight for equality with such a fierce passion. Thirdly I will finally have real conversation with readers and authors alike who I have only met through social media – gawd I hope you are ready for me!
Then there is a beautiful hotel, hopefully a lot of sunshine and the chance to take away some fantastic memories! It will be like letting me loose in a sweet shop!! Team Prism, Authors and Readers alike I am just so excited I cannot adequately put it into words!!
What an opportunity! What an experience! See you in October ☺


Ok. So. A little thing happened yesterday. And then a not at all little thing happened…


Yup, heading back to GRL again this year! Shyeah, that makes it sound like I’ve done this for years, dahling, when it will just be year two for me. But what a year two it’s already shaping up to be.

So many of the awesome, fabulous, wonderful, squishy-hug giving people I met and with whom I spent just as fabulous, wonderful, squishy-hug time are returning this year, as well. All of the smiles, the laughing, the talking – about books and life and the struggles and successes – and the sharing and hugging and dancing, I’m so excited! We get to do more of all of that. And in sunny San Diego, to boot!

#TeamPrismGRL2015 will, of course, do updates and share pix and try to spread that wonderful love to everyone here who is unable to attend. I can’t wait to bring all of you in to the fun just like last year!

So, looking forward, mark your calendars for mid-October, and think sun and surf and smiles and love, and we’ll do our best to make those thoughts come to life. 😀


San Diego here I come!
Oh wait, I live in San Diego so I guess that’s a bit silly for me to say. Nevertheless, I am super excited about attending GRL in October. Last year was my first GRL and I came home wishing I could have stayed longer. Although it was very intimidating to get on a plane all by myself and fly halfway across the country to hang out with strangers, it was one of the most memorable weekends of my entire life. Everyone was so welcoming and kind. GRL is a fun, frantic, fangirling good time!
I really loved getting to meet people in person that I only knew from online. Meeting authors and so many fellow M/M Romance lovers was amazing. Last year I left Chicago feeling like I had made some new friends and that says a lot. So, I don’t have to deal with the airport this year, which is awesome. I don’t have to weigh my suitcase and worry about how many books will fit in my carry on bag, another bonus. I am really looking forward to seeing some old friends, and making more new ones this year. Is it October yet? I look forward to welcoming GRL to San Diego, America’s Finest City.

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6 thoughts on “#TeamPrismGRL2015 part 1 ~ Sunday Spotlight by Caroline, Lirtle, and Paisley

  1. So jealous, especially of Caroline managing to leave our little island (in the Irish Sea!)
    I would love to attend, trying to get to the UK meet and that is tricky enough

  2. Congrats to all of you for going! I’d love to be able to go. It would be a lot easier if it were close to home like Paisley is able to this year. I love San Diego; it’s a beautiful city and a great place to have GRL.

  3. Wow, congrats to you all for going. Thanks for sharing your reasons for going. I would love to but don’t have the time or funds =( You all making it sound so fun and I hope you all have lots of it this year =D

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