The Grim Life by KD Worth ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

GrimLifeTheLG Title: The Grim Life

Author: KD Worth

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press

Cover Artist: Paul Richmond

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


A Harmony Ink Press Title

Max Shaw is dead.

Well, sort of.

After dying on prom night, Max was recruited by a mysterious tattooed angel named Slade to join a group of teenage reapers. Cocky and sarcastic, Max thinks he has his afterlife together, but the moment Slade assigns him to his first suicide case, everything changes.

Christian college student Kody Michaels is struggling to make sense of his life and his faith. After a failed suicide attempt at an antigay camp, Kody is determined not to fail again. Tired of disappointing his family and God, he is going to end his life once and for all.

But in a split-second decision, Max saves Kody—defying the rules of a reaper.

Max believes his only concern is convincing Kody that God loves him just the way he is, so he can save him from a hellish afterlife as a shade. Little does Max know, some shades have found a way to walk among the living as wraiths. These evil wraiths know Kody has been slated for death, and they have another, darker purpose for him.

Max has only one night to save Kody before one of Slade’s team finishes the job Max lacked the courage to complete.

Brandilyn’s View:

I don’t know that I am the right person to be reviewing this title. There is an awful lot of religious dogma in this story. If that offends, you might want to stay away. However, I found it all fascinating. Worth took a much-loved mythos and built her story. That story centers around two points. First, what happens after you die? Second, does God really care if you are gay?

There is a love story running throughout the story, but I found the themes of death and religion to be the more compelling of the subjects. There aren’t any grand revelations in this story. The actual dogma called into question is the same that is debated ad nauseam among scholars. Through her characters, she addresses many of the major defenses that religion uses in their crusade against homosexuality and tears them to pieces.

There was one point where the discussion became a little too didactic for this reader, but, for the most part, the author made her point through her characters thoughts actions.

I enjoyed the dueling first person points of view. Though we heard much more from Max than Kody, it was still nice to know what was going through Kody’s mind. And there was a lot. He has had self-hatred drummed into him from an early age. That is not easy to overcome.

As our story comes to a close, not every loose end is tied up. Usually, that is a sign that the author is setting us up for a sequel. In this case, however, I felt it very appropriate. Humans don’t have all the answers. Life is a need-to-know affair. As much as we may want a few more answers, we simply didn’t need to know.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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