The Winter Moon’s Wolf (Men of Silo #3) by Diana DeRicci ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

TheWinterMoonsWolf Title: The Winter Moon’s Wolf (Men of Silo #3)

Author: Diana DeRicci

Publisher: Purple Sword

Cover Artist: Anastasia Rabiyah

Rating: 3.75 of 5 Stars


Cade’s life is about to be changed forever, but he may lose the man his wolf has chosen before he accepts it.

Cade Rose is the youngest of three. When his twin finds his mate before Cade, a gnawing impatience begins to tear him apart. A disruptive urge that he can’t calm, cure, or find an outlet for. It comes to a head one dark, winter night. Looking for a fight to release the strangled tension, what he finds sends him into a terror-filled spin instead. Because he soon learns the wolf is never wrong.

Dean Eckler is grateful for Cade’s help on a rare night when it all goes to hell at the bar he owns. Cade’s offered help not only saves the bar but Dean from serious injury. Invited to share breakfast on Christmas Eve with Cade’s family, he’s enveloped without question by the caring and support. When an unknown danger begins to stalk Dean, threatening his life, Cade along with the whole family have Dean’s back.

Can Dean and Cade make what they found work? Will Cade find the courage to tell the truth about his family’s legacy? He’s got a lot more to lose now, and if Dean’s unknown threat isn’t stopped in time, Cade may never have the chance to take the risk.

PizzyGirl’s View:

Book 3 in the Men of Silo series takes the reader back to the Rose boys. This time focusing on Cade and his internal struggles with self acceptance. Once again, I have to commend the author on her ability to write characters I easily connect and sympathize with.

Cade has always been in competition with his twin and when Quade finds his mate first, it throws Cade into a tailspin. Not only is Cade dealing with feelings of being left behind and being a bit inadequate, he is now forced to deal with his wolf wanting to mate with a man. This was a very good setup for some well done character development and growth. Cade slowly but surely evaluates his life and develops into a man who is able to accept love and accept himself. His reactions were realistic and not always great. His struggles caused issues in his life and pushed him to really decide one way or the other as far as mating is concerned. This aspect of the novel was my favorite.

This novel actually has a bit of a plot outside of the romance and character development. The reader is left in the dark about why Dean is being attacked. It added an element of suspense and tension that broke up the previously established patterns in this series. It also serves as a way to help Cade see things more clearly in his life. While he is still moving forward with his internal debates, the attacks on Dean act as external influences. So this was a nice example of how plot and character development can be intertwined.

I do have to say that at times I felt things were too forced or manufactured. There were instances where it seemed that the author wasn’t sure how to move things forward organically, so she created small situations to tell the reader what they needed to know. I am also unsure of the point of Dean’s parents in the story. Yes, they serve to show he still has family, but I think the outcome of this story would have been exactly the same without them actually having any face time.

Also, if you are going into this looking for a typical shifter world, think again. Yes, the Rose family and friends are shifters. And it plays a role in this relationship, but it is not the focus of this series at all. It is just a part of who these men are and has to be taken into consideration with their mates. But shifting takes a back seat to just wanting a normal life with the one they love.

Overall, I am still in love with this series. I am looking forward to more. Ms. DeRicci, will Kelly be getting his own story? Please?

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