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Title: As Natural As Breathing
Author: Thianna D
Publisher: Lazy Day Publishing
Publication Date:08/07/2013
Genre/Sub-Genre: BDSM, M/M Romance


For Christian Darringer, life isn’t worth living. Just back from the Middle East; scarred and with permanent damage to one leg, he does not think anyone will want him for anything. Meeting a gorgeous man he finds himself thinking about constantly is not in his plans. Pulled toward the startling younger man with striking blue eyes, he begins to question a lot of things – especially his sexuality. Not one to hide from a challenge, he plunges ahead only to find himself more than just attracted to Logan who is full of life and joy, he finds himself head over heels in love.

Logan Mannette has almost everything he ever wanted: loving parents, happiness, friends and security. The only thing missing is finding the love of his life, a love that is just like his parents’. When he meets Christian at a party, everything changes. Instantly attracted, he does his best to help this sad man and quickly finds himself feeling more than he has ever felt before. Raised in a domestic discipline household, he holds that ideal as what he wants but his interest in spanking became a fetish and when Christian admits that he wants to be spanked, Logan believes he might have found the perfect man.

Just as everything begins for them, Christian’s past intercedes and one of his brothers makes waves about him dating a man. If it weren’t for Logan’s support, he might fold; but with the love of one amazing man, Christian finds that living his life rather than just existing is as natural as breathing.

Authors to Love:

10 authors you love and why

Douglas Adams – because who doesn’t love The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – I’m talking the book, not the movie. His sense of humor always makes me laugh, his characters were well executed, and did I mention his books make me laugh? I first read THGttG almost thirty years ago and fell in love with It and his crazy style of writing almost instantly.

Jordan L. Hawk – Any author who can get me to read a genre I don’t usually touch (horror) and love it-No, not just love it, but devour every sequel-has my vote. My first book of hers was Widdershins. Not a fan of horror at all, I actually came across her books one day due to Whyborne & Griffin, book 4, chapter 1 being free on a blog. I read it, was hooked on the characters, and bought Widdershins. I read it all in one setting. And then slept with the light on all night. Didn’t stop me from reading books 2 & 3 almost immediately afterward. I have since fallen in love with (almost) every one of her books. Especially her SPECTR series.

But as to the why? She brings her characters and worlds to life. In each one, everything that happens makes sense. And I’m someone who wants to fall in love with the characters in a book – that’s what makes me want to read more. She does it so well.

William Shakespeare – Yep, I have a love for the Bard. First started in 10th grade with MacBeth and has continued through to this day. His grasp of human nature – albeit his macabre grasp of human nature – is sublime and having grown up on British Lit, I absolutely love the way he turns a phrase.

Charlie Cochet – okay. This is a brand new one for me. I had read one of her other short books a year ago and it didn’t do anything for me. Then, just a few days ago, I found THIRDS and haven’t been able to stop. I’m just staring book 4 now. Any author who can write action, romance, and humor all in the same storyline automatically has my interest. Ms. Cochet does such a great job of all three plus I love her world creation and characterization. If you haven’t read THIRDS, do it. So good!

JK Rowling – Yes, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan (the books, not so much the movies). She made the entire world of wizards and Hogwarts come alive, each character stood on his/her own, and even when I completely disagreed when she murdered off one of hte good guys for no apparent reason-until much later – she kept me reading. And that’s not an easy feat. Usually, if an author pulls something like that, it’ll stop me cold. But she kept me reading.

Okay, I’m feeling stumped. I’m usually more attached to books than authors.

Rolf & Ranger for their Falls Chance Ranch series. They have developed such a wonderful world with characters I would love to know and interact with. If there was a series I would love to step into? That’s one. Of course, I’m female, so I would stick out like a sore thumb, but still…

A.A. Milne – because he gave me one of my favorite characters of all time. How many days as a child did I dream up stories of Winnie the Pooh? They are without number.

Stephanie Meyer – Now, before you flinch, let me explain. She’s the first author where I read a book and didn’t flinch at vampires. Okay, so I kinda flinched and stayed up all night because I was sure James was coming after me, but still. I’d always loved magic and fantasy, but had always stayed away from vampires until Twilight. That deserves a spot here as I found I love writing vampires. Though mine are much crueler than hers. Also, they don’t sparkle.

Dan Brown – Okay, the man’s got a fixation with drowning, but above that, I like his work. The details, the feel of the places he takes his characters. I do find some of his characters rather flat, but usually not his antagonists, who he gives meaning to.

Anne McCaffrey – I’ve always loved fantasy and dragons and her Pern series lit me up as a teenager. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read her earlier Pern books. Not much of a fan of the later ones, but her wonderful world set off a whole bunch of itty-bitty plot bunnies in the back of my head. It was a wonderful world to dive into.


Dinner was easy, the easiest first date Christian had ever been on. Logan laughed, talked, teased, but it felt like he was with a friend rather than with a date…but then again, that was what he asked for. After two large platters of sushi disappeared between the two of them, they paid and left. “Okay, we can drive or we can walk. The theater is only ten blocks.” Then Logan’s eyes dropped to his leg. “Damn, I forgot about your leg. Maybe we should drive.”

Shaking his head, Christian placed a hand on his arm. “Naw. I walk by the river all the time. I think I’d like to walk.”

Logan watched him, as if trying to make up his mind if Christian meant it or not. When he figured he did, he beamed. “Great. There is this cool piece of art you have got to see.”

About the Author:

Thianna loves to write strong stories with even stronger heroes. While all of her books have an erotic overtone, it is the story that is the most important to her. “The story should be able to stand on its own. The erotic elements are an add-on.”

She enjoys writing about couples with kink, paranormal couples, and straight out strangeness. But more on that later…

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