To Heaven Resembled (Some Like it Hot by Pepper Espinoza ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

To Heaven Resembled Title: To Heaven Resembled (Some Like it Hot

Author: Pepper Espinoza

Publisher: Liquid Silver

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 3.75 of 5 Stars


Firefighter Lance Stuart is minding his own business when a man on the street stops him with a simple expression of gratitude. He falls into the conversation with the man, and learns that Jakob is far more than what one might expect from a busker. For starters, he’s gorgeous. He’s also funny, charming, and flirty. Lance immediately wants to get to know him better.

Jakob Fox spends his days performing on the sidewalk and his evenings in various coffee shops and clubs, reading his poetry. But he always takes the time to thank firefighters when he sees them. He knows first-hand how much firefighters risk and what they sacrifice. His father was a New York firefighter, until he died in the line of duty. As a result, Jakob can show his appreciation, but he always keeps his emotional distance—from everybody. He also suffers from almost debilitating anxiety.

He wants to be with Lance, but he can’t handle the emotional stress of being with a firefighter. Jakob needs to decide if they have a future, or if he should just walk away.

PizzyGirl’s View:

I am having trouble with this one. I liked it but at the same time it left me confused. So let me try to explain why I say that.

This one was very well written. It had characters with history and emotional issues that created a great reason for development as the story progressed. The two men fit well together. Their interaction felt natural and ranged from playful to sexy to sincere and heartfelt. The reason for the angst in this story was established right off the bat, so when it did abruptly appear later, the reader could forgive the abruptness and roll with it. It also made the resolution all the sweeter.

However, this was a story of two strangers who met on a street corner. The the entire thing lasted roughly a month or so. Yet, there was still a full range of emotion and the writing felt like this was an established couple. As I was reading this, I kept forgetting these men were complete strangers and really had no reason to be so strongly attached. Their interactions and emotions were those of men in love and who knew the other inside and out. But then the author would insert a comment or an action that would remind me that these men really don’t know much about each other at all. So while I loved that this story was well done and delivered in such a way as to feel like a complete relationship, I was confused every time the author reminded me why this should not be a complete relationship because these men were still relative strangers even at the end of the tale.

Overall, I think this was a well written and easy to read story. It was engaging and had great depth for a short novella. However, I think this would have worked better for me if these men had started out with a prior history, instead of as perfect strangers.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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