Whitley Gray talks High Concept ~ Retro Reads Author Spotlight, Interview, Local Giveaway

Prism Book Alliance® would like to thank Whitley Gray for taking the time to talk with us today about their retro title from Loose Id, High Concept. Prism recently reviewed High Concept. You can find the review here.



We are here today to talk about High Concept. What can you tell us about it?

High Concept is the story of a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants—including murder. Homicide detective Beck Stryker must work with FBI profiler to identify and stop the culprit.

Tell us more about Beck and Zach? After being shot a few months ago, Beck struggles with PTSD.

He had worked with Zach a couple of years ago and Beck had his advances rejected by Zach. In the beginning, neither is thrilled to work together on this case.

What about High Concept makes you the most proud?

The intricacy of the case and the clues used to solve it.

If you could change one thing High Concept what would it be and why?

I’d hide the identity of the villain. Sometimes readers don’t want to know who the bad guy is, even if it’s suspense not mystery.

Can you talk a little about the inspiration for High Concept as well as its main characters?

Unscrupulous politicians. I wondered, “How far would these guys go to win?” The answer was murder. Beck is kind of a tribute to officers shot in the line of duty. Zach is a different kind of profiler—more of a medicolegal persona. I like to write medical characters.

Will we be hearing more from these boys in the future?

Yes. The boys and I are currently embroiled in producing the next adventure.

If you could give one piece of advice to new writers, what would it be?

Learn your craft before you begin writing. The time invested is well worth it.

Tell us about some of your other titles.

Rabbit Wars is a second chance love story set in a small town in the Colorado Rockies. Chocolate confections and architecture bring two former lovers back together.

Artistic Endeavor finds one-night stand connoisseur Michael taking on the job of introducing twenty-four year old virgin Cobey to the joys of gay sex. Michael learns more than Cobey.

9. Rapid Fire Time

  • Tea or Coffee? Depends on the day. This morning was coffee; right now is tea.
  • Night or Day? Night.
  • Fisting or Watersports? Yikes! Uh…fisting?
  • Chinese food or Mexican food? Chinese. Happy Family.
  • Top or Bottom? Hmm…both.
  • Caramel or Chocolate? No fair! If the world were ending and I could have only one, it’d be chocolate.
  • West Wing or Friday Night Lights? Neither. Orange is the New Black.
  • Batman or Superman? Batman.
  • Tennant or Smith? Tennant.
  • First pet and name? Dog. Pandora.

10. What are you working on? What is next?

High Concept 2 (no official name yet). Beck and Zach battle the problems of a long distance relationship as a new serial killer emerges in Colorado.

The project after that is a murder mystery featuring a cop and a doctor.


Title: High Concept
Author: Whitley Gray
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre/Sub-Genre: Contemporary, M/M Romance, Suspense/Thriller


Denver homicide cop and shooting survivor Beck Stryker lives to solve the case that left him with PTSD, chronic pain, and killed his co-investigator four months previous. Now his career hinges on his ability to work with the man who shut down his advances two years ago.

After last parting ways with Beck, psychiatrist-turned-FBI profiler Zach Littman never anticipated seeing the detective again. Being sent to Denver to work on a series of killings that have continued after the only suspect died is bad enough. Discovering the detective in charge is Beck leaves Zach gritting his teeth and girding his loins.

The last thing either of them needs is romantic entanglement with a fellow investigator, but danger is a powerful aphrodisiac. The case heats up, and friction between them ignites a fire neither can ignore, first at work and then in the bedroom. As they zero in on the plot behind the murders, the crosshairs zero in on Beck and Zach.



About the Author:

Once upon a misspent youth, Whitley read and wrote stories under the covers at night. At some point, real life intervened, bringing with it responsibilities and a career in the medical field. After years of technical writing, Whitley became enamored of romance and took on the challenge of giving it a try. Inventing characters and putting them through paces in interesting ways turned out to be addictive, and along the way, Whitley discovered having two heroes is twice as nice. A pot of coffee, quiet, and a storyline featuring a couple of guys makes for a perfect day. Stop by http://www.whitleygray.com and feed your fix for heat between the sheets with erotica and M/M romance.

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  1. Thank you for the fun interview. Your new book sounds really good. I added it to my TBR. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  2. Great interview! It sounds like a very interesting book to read. I’m sorry though there is a problem with the excerpt and I could not read it (probably because of my PC…)

  3. I love the burb of this book, it’s definitely something i would like to read so thanks for the giveaway and please count me in 🙂

  4. Don’t enter me in the contest because I have this one and I loved it! So glad you are writing another book with Beck & Zach! I was hoping there would be more to their story. Can’t wait!

  5. I prefer and love reading mysteries where you have to work out the clues with the MC’s in the book, without knowing who the perpetrator(s) is (are), A story I read recently also delved into the murderers thoughts, without letting you know who it was, just extra clues and more than the poor detectives had who you knew were walking into a trap or following the wrong clue…

    What tricky quickie questions you posed for Whitley and chocolate must always win, although I cannot eat it but I would if the world was coming to an end as an allergic reaction would not matter anymore 😀

    Thank you for a chance to win a copy of High Concept

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