Wrecking havoc (Havoc’s Crew #3) by Angelique Voisen ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Wrecking Havoc Title: Wrecking havoc (Havoc’s Crew #3)

Author: Angelique Voisen

Publisher: Evernight

Cover Artist: Jay Aheer

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars


Havoc’s Crew, 3

During the course of his long life as an immortal wizard, Havoc has seen it all, done it all. Getting rid of an old enemy is a small price to pay to protect those he loves, and his family is the only reason he still hasn’t gone to the grave.

Havoc knew Gale never viewed him as a father figure like his brothers. He knows what Gale wants, but Havoc refuses to give in. Gale doesn’t know about his bloody past, or the monster he used to be. When old sins and buried ghosts begin to resurface, he expects Gale to start running, but Gale refuses to back down. If Gale continues heading down this destructive path, Havoc is afraid it isn’t just his heart Gale’s going to wreck. He’s going to undo them both.

PizzyGirl’s View:

Please note that this one overlaps a bit with the previous story, so you should read this series in order. After reading Volt’s story, I was craving this one. Havoc has been mysterious since the beginning and the chance to learn more about him made me happy. I was hopeful that since book 2 was an improvement over book 1, that book 3 would be even better. After reading the blurb, I was sure this one was going to be great because that blurb promised to deliver a well thought out story. However, I am sorry to say, I was disappointed. I spent more time feeling confused than I did enjoying the story.

This novella suffered from the sin of telling but not showing. There were so many instances where the characters were saying one thing, but the actions and emotions did not support those words. Things appeared to happen very easily, yet the characters were talking about near death experiences and being put through hell. Maybe they were, but it was not shown to the reader. I never once felt any tension during Havoc’s rescue or felt that he was in danger of losing his life.

I was also constantly left asking “why” things happened they way they did. Why did the big bad show back up as a council member? Why did he abandon a fight he was so assured he could easily win?  How exactly was this big bad responsible for the big bads in the previous two books and how the hell did Havoc know that? Why did Havoc’s ex want to get rid of him one minute, but then the next offered him a seat on the council? Why did the big bad accept the challenge for his seat on the Council when Havoc himself said he didn’t want it? Why did Havoc accept that council seat after stating how much he wanted the council out of his life forever? No idea….The answers weren’t even hinted at.

That great angst promised in the blurb? About how Havoc refuses to give in to Gale’s desires for more than just sex? Yes, it never happened. Almost immediately after Havoc is rescued, he has an epiphany and vows to show Gale that he has always loved him. Yes, there was some stress over Havoc’s past, but Havoc instantly gives in to Gale’s demands for the truth. Or so we are told by two sentences that says he does.

“Then Havoc began to talk, to pour out the heavy contents of his soul. Every dirty secret and every sin he deemed unforgivable.”

These secrets and sins are never divulged to the reader. Then Gale and Havoc consummate things and are in love forever more! I just felt like I was missing things left and right. Once again, I liken this to an outline that needed more details to fill in the gaps.

Finally, the editing issues from book 1 popped up again. Run on sentences, wrong words, and awkward punctuation. The ideas were there and I could fix them in my head but it made reading a bit more work on my part.

Unfortunately, I think I am done with this series. I like this author, but the poor editing and lack of developed content in this series is just too much for me to overcome. I was hopeful there for a bit that things would get better, but this story brought me back to my opinions from book 1. I just can’t find the desire to continue on with these stories, even with that cliffhanger ending.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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