Caught in His Room by Foxy Cox ~ Book Review by Zane

238387741 Title: Caught in His Room

Author: Foxy Cox

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars


A taboo fantasy becomes a reality.

The sexy, older Nick is in for a naughty surprise when he discovers his tempting young house guest, the hot and horny nineteen-year-old Brandon, using his computer for something much dirtier than studying.

But did the young and untouched Brandon get caught on accident, or was it all part of his plan to lure the gorgeous, mature man into the younger man’s bed, hard and without protection, for the first time in his life.

Find out what happens in this quick, sexy read.

Zane’s View:

After giggling at the author’s name for a second, I dove right into this book. The book promised a hot and torrid tale of a step-father finding a dirty home-video of his step-son, recorded on his computer. That was right up my alley! (Wink wink)

The author definitely delivered! This was a hot story with a good bit of tension between the father and son. It wasn’t overdone and melodramatic, but there was enough of the “We shouldn’t be doing this but we really want to” to add a bit of depth.

The ending is a fade-to-black that leaves you craving more, but doesn’t leave you unsatisfied. The author’s goal was a hot quickie, and they succeeded! If there was a sequel featuring these two characters, I’d definitely pick it up.

There was one big problem I had with the story though – the step-son. The book claimed he’s 19, but the way he acted and how he was treated made him seem more like 13. The whole premise relied on the father restricting the son’s computer access, keeping the only computer in his bedroom. First of all, having only a single family computer may have been normal in 2000, but not in 2015. Second of all, he’s a grown man. Why does his father need to control his computer access?

The cover art is basic, but not bad. It doesn’t do much to sell the book, but at least it doesn’t take anything away from it either. There weren’t any major proofreading or mechanical errors that detracted from the book either.

If the author aged up the main character mentally, then this would’ve been a great short, taboo read. Even with that flaw, it’s still a very good book. If you’re a fan of naughtier books, then this is one for you.

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