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This post was going to be about promotion. About clearing out old promo stuff I had bought and about buying readers with trinkets and all kinds of other stuff that has changed since I started writing in a different genre over 15 years ago.

Instead, because change is happening fast for me lots of ways, I didn’t get to it.  Or maybe the topic sounded too boring to get excited about.  Either way, here’s the post I am writing:

Change happens—or not.  If change doesn’t happen, everything stays mostly the same.  And that’s okay if you’re liking what you’re living.  Or if you’re content. Or if you’re just plain ole’ too unmotivated or depressed to do anything about it.  Or if you’re afraid of an unknown future.

If we write about people who don’t change, we write a story that no one wants to read.  Because our stories are all about change.  And growth.  Tapping into what we were given at birth.  And becoming more.  Becoming ourselves.

And hopefully our readers are as inspired as we are characters, at least in a little way.  And they lose their fear and find their motivation to grow.  If we write enough, maybe, someday, we’ll even inspire ourselves.

So—change.  It takes a lot of energy, and steals concentration and focus, and, for some cautious souls who wish they weren’t afraid of being spontaneous, it takes planning.  Wow, that sounds like the beginnings of a character in a book, doesn’t it?

Does life imitate art?  Sometimes.  We’ll see.

To infinity and beyond!  (See how great art inspires!)


~ Chris Cox

About Chris Cox

Chris Cox’s Bayou Boys series is about deep relationships, about finding yourself as well as your soul mate, and about learning to feel right in your own skin.

Sexy and complex, Chris’ writing delivers the stories that touch readers’ hearts. Born and raised in Louisiana, Chris worked as an electrical engineer before climbing off the corporate ladder and becoming a full-time writer. Chris resides in Louisiana, where the gumbo is hot…but the men are hotter. You can check out more about Chris Cox by visiting, on Facebook at www.facebook/ and on Twitter: @ChrisCoxWrites.

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