Conduct Unbecoming by LA Witt ~ Book Review by Caroline

15733931 Title: Conduct Unbecoming

Author: LA Witt

Publisher: Samhain

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars


“As long as no one asks and they don’t tell…”

First class petty officer Eric Randall is less than thrilled about taking orders to Okinawa. Three long, lonely years on a crappy island that’s thousands of miles from his daughter? Oh. Yeah. Sign him up. But as long as he’s stuck here, he might as well make the best of it, so he discreetly checks out the local gay scene.

Shane nearly drops his drink when the gorgeous, cocky-looking guy strolls into Palace Habu. He buys him a drink, and before long, they’re making out in a booth. Eric is a straight-to-the-point kind of guy and doesn’t want to play games. Since Eric’s idea of not playing games is getting the hell out of there and going back to one of their apartments, Shane is more than happy to go along with it.

What starts as a scorching-hot one-night stand leaves both of them wanting more…until Eric finds out Shane doesn’t just outrank him, he’s an officer. DADT may be repealed, but an officer getting involved with an enlisted man falls under conduct unbecoming.

Still, they can’t resist their mutual desire. There’s no reason anyone has to find out. But secrets have a way of outing themselves.

Warning: Contains two military boys who keep forgetting they’re not supposed to be together. Probably because they never have their uniforms on for any length of time…

Caroline’s View:

Eric Randall is not a happy bunny. After serving his country in both Iraq and Afghanistan he has been given his orders to move out to Okinawa for three years. Three very long years away from his teenage daughter in a country where nothing is familiar to him. He is a gay divorced man in a foreign place with no idea about how the land lies and he is desperately lonely. DADT may have been repelled but that doesn’t give this man much confidence.

Shane Connelly has been in Okinawa long enough to find his feet. Also divorced, he is bisexual, with a cranky ex wife who constantly seems to need more money. He spies Eric the minute he walks into a gay bar. Their differing ranks and their need to be careful should keep them apart but their loneliness and their need for comfort and friendship means that will never really be an option.

This is a slow burn romance that to begin with is more about friendship with the added bonus of some hot loving. The nature of their relationship and the fact that they have to have so much secrecy makes it feel very intimate and they become very good friends as well as lovers. I found myself worried on more than one occasion that the two would get caught but they always seemed to manage to stay one step ahead.

This is a long book and sometimes felt a little drawn out. There is a lot of description about Okinawa and the places they visit and it is easy to get side tracked with all the detail. On the other hand you can’t help get behind these two men and cheerlead for their happy ever after. They have given so much for their families and their country and I was really rooting for them to give themselves to each other despite the difficult circumstances. I think the growth they gained as a couple also helped them with other areas of their lives especially where Shane and his ex were concerned.

If you like your MM romance with hot military characters, secrecy and angst and no race to the finish line you will enjoy Conduct Unbecoming.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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