Conjuring the Shroud by Tim O’Leary ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

Conjuring-the-Shroud Title: Conjuring the Shroud

Author: Tim O’Leary

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


In the real world, Adrian Ocampo is a high school junior with a Mohawk, an eyebrow ring, and a crew of nerdy friends. But when he and his buddies get together to play their favorite role-playing game, he is transported to the world of Kazala, a world of elves, wizards, and monsters, a world in which Adrian is a mighty elf warrior fighting for the good of the land.

To add to the fun, Adrian recently started dating the handsome Jesse, one of the guys in his gaming circle. In the past, every attempt they’d made to be alone had been thwarted by overly present parents. But one day, after wrapping up the game, Jesse invites Adrian to his house and explains his mother will be away all night. Excited by the possibility of finally having sex with Jesse, Adrian’s mind catapults back and forth between the real world of Jesse’s kisses and the imagined world of Kazala, where he and Jesse must battle a terrible enemy.

Conjuring the Shroud is presented as part of Brent Hartinger’s Real Story Safe Sex Project, whose mission is to encourage safe sex among gay and bi teens and twenty-somethings while also providing some entertaining reads.

Brandilyn’s View:

First of all, this is a free title for a great cause. Conjuring the Shroud was written as part of Brent Hartinger’s Real Story Safe Sex Project. The RSSSP’s mission is to encourage safe sex among gay and bi teens and twenty-somethings while also providing some entertaining reads.

Conjuring the Shroud revolves around the first time for two nerds — Jessie and Adrian. They spend their free time playing the RPG Kazala. Throughout the story, the narrator (Adrian) slips between the real world and his fantasy world. In in the end, they have a quirky, nerdy, and safe time together

I am not a role-playing game aficionado, so I was concerned about that aspect of the story. However, it didn’t have any trouble following the action, real or fantasy. Granted the way the author works the fantasy world into the te sex scene is a little odd, the shroud and the sword battle to name a few. However, the author gets the safe sex message across without being didactic, which is important.

I think this story meets its goal of having a fun way to get across the safe sex message. If you have age-appropriate kids who are into gaming and fantasy, this might be a good title for them. If you are an adult into the same things, it is a fun little read.

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