Coyote Bluff by Marshall Thornton ~ Book Review by Lirtle with Giveaway

coyote bluff cover 1 Title: Coyote Bluff

Author: Marshall Thornton

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


Originally published in The James White Review, Coyote Bluff is the story of a young man coming to terms with the uncertainty of his relationship. On a road trip, he contemplates the meanings of trust and love.

Approximately 4500 words. 12-20 minutes estimated reading time.

Also includes excerpts from my books Desert Run, the Boystown Series, and The Perils of Praline, or the Amorous Adventures of a Southern Gentleman in Hollywood.

Lirtle’s View:

~ Laugh #1 ~

It’s one thing to know and understand human nature, body language, and foibles. It’s a whole other universe in which one must reside when it comes to translating and portraying these things in a story, words on a page, no visual cues, nothing, nada, no dice on the assist from a pic or a gif. Thornton lives there. No matter the story type or character, Thornton slathers them in truth, all of the humor and uncertainty and love contained within. I’m convinced that Thornton has some magnificent cliff-side abode, or a grand farmhouse, or whatever the hell he wants because, yeah, I know he’s getting his mail delivered in that universe. I know it.

~ Laugh #2 ~

Even if you know something about yourself, know it one thousand percent to be the truth, it’s still sometimes impossible to avoid the shredder of human happiness that is doubt. Even worse is when you know someone else just as well and, yet, the doubt still plops itself down right onto the sofa of your strong yet insecure heart.

~ Laugh #3 ~

Lest you think this is some stand-up comedy routine or some such, it is not. Two men, one relationship, nine years, and one of them is struggling to decide if those years and this man hold enough on which to build the rest of his future life. Can he trust his trust?

I tried to cry, wrinkled my face and tried to force the emotion, the fear out of my chest. It held on with little claws and refused to budge.

Thornton’s writing is a towering tray of truffle-worthy treats. His ability to bring me into a story from the git go is delightful, meaningful, and precious to me. He knows how to grab me. He uses all of the tools in his well-honed arsenal: emotion, humor, cleverness, and heart.

Y’all know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: some of the best stories are short stories and worth every cent and more. Here is a brightly shining yet unassuming example of that. Just because a particular story grew up to become a novel doesn’t make it any better or more enjoyable. Trust me, I experienced that in the very same week I read this story. This story restored my momentarily misplaced trust.

Also? The title is an ‘a-ha moment’ kind of brilliance.

Oh, and if you’re keeping count, I laughed no few than three times in the less than 15 minutes it took for me to read this. Heh!

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12 thoughts on “Coyote Bluff by Marshall Thornton ~ Book Review by Lirtle with Giveaway

  1. I have read all of the Boystown stories but I dam not sure of anything else. I would love to read the Ghost Who Slept over. Why? Because Marshall’s books are amazing.

  2. That’s a darn good and truthful reason, indeed LOL

    I read TGSO recently and it was fantabulous.

    You’re entered, debby!

  3. *hi5* awesome, Laurie. His writing is delish. Since you loved that one, you’d probably enjoy just about any of his others. The cover for Ghost still makes me giggle, I think it’s the toes on all of the feet LOL.

  4. I read all of Boystown. And Desert Run, Full Release, The Ghost slept over, My favorite uncle, The perils of praline.
    I don´t think the give away is international – but that is not important, because I just want to show my admiration for this author.

  5. Gah, Karin, tops on my tbr list is The Perils of Praline. Thank you for sharing your love!

    I’m not sure we can do international on this one, but I’ll check with Brandilyn and see. *thumbs up*

  6. Marshall is a new to me author
    I really like the sound of Desert Run: An Erotic Thriller
    thanks for the chance!

    hmmmm….I just assumed this was for an ebook so didn’t think being international would be a problem

  7. Yes, it’s for an ebook, Lee. I should have added that in the post and will now. Thank you for that!

    And I’ve personally never encountered a problem gifting an ebook purchased on, say ARe or Amz, and the recipient’s email being of a different place of origin.

    You’re entered!

  8. I haven’t read anything by Marshall before. Ghost Who Slept Over looks like a fun read though. Thank you for the giveaway chance.

  9. I too like to read from Marshall. I look forward to any new book that he is putting out and I do love a quick read. For when I am at a Dr’s appointment or sitting in traffic ETC. I have put Coyote Bluff on my Must Read List of shorts reads. Congrats Marshall for writing another good one.

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