Deadly Shades of Gold (Altered States #2) by Laura Harner and T.A. Webb ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

In my preparations for reading this years Pulp Friction series, I have decided to read the Altered States series. These 4 books set the world for PF2015 and I felt to enjoy the serial to its fullest, I needed to read these books first. What I got was a great series that I fully intend to continue reading even without PF2015!

Deadly Shades of Gold Title: Deadly Shades of Gold (Altered States #2)

Author: Laura Harner and T.A. Webb

Publisher: Hot Corner Press

Cover Artist: Laura Harner

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


“Wolf or vamp? Decide. It has to be now.”

Those were the last words Sam Garrett ever heard—as a human. Now on the para side of normal, the NOPD slammed the proverbial door on his career.

Travis Boudreaux knows exactly how his former partner feels—but when some doors close, the golden window of opportunity opens. Crimes against supernaturals require a new and different approach, and once the Feds show up, the Odd Squad isn’t the only law enforcement game in town.

After a revenge-seeking vampire creates deadly havoc, the new agent-in-charge is on a recruiting mission—and he’s more than ready to fight fire with fire. What do you get when you mix old friends, new enemies, and a license to kill?

Pure dynamite.

Warning: This is an erotic urban fantasy. In this series the vampires don’t sparkle, werewolves kill, and the men sometimes have sex. With each other.

PizzyGirl’s View:

As already established in this series, this book gives the reader a recap of the events from the end of book 1 and then picks up three months after those events have taken place. The very dramatic feel of the series is effortlessly continued with the conversion of Sam to supernatural after his attack (you’ll have to read the book to know which type) and his very abrupt termination from the New Orleans Police Force. The murder mystery continues to push this story and series forward and once again was a great device to develop the world and introduce new characters. The plot is all kinds of interesting and dramatic. Full of political maneuvering, mob families, and snarky Twilight/Clint Eastwood/John Wayne jokes.

We continue to see the existing characters evolve as the authors let the reader into their minds and their cultures more. Especially Travis and Sam. They are both gaining control of their abilities and there is indication they may be more than they seem. Good job by the authors on teasing the reader! We also have some new characters who bring more drama to the mix. Through these new characters we learn a bit more about humans in this world as well as learn a bit more about some potential motivations for this murder mystery. But there are still so many more questions that need to be answered and I am so eager for the next book. What exactly is it about these men that has so many creatures after them? Things are hinting at coming together for a big reveal. My desire to know more is one major factor in my continuing this series.

The romance pentagon (or is it now a hexagon?) continues to shift and evolve with the authors exploring more of the various pairings. If you were hoping for certain couples to firm up, think again. The authors are still playing around with the potential relationship combinations. This is the aspect of the book that I am really struggling with but in a good way. I am attached in some way to each potential pairing/threesome and I just can’t decide who I want to end up together in the end or at all.

Finally, the authors continue their trend of shocking endings that have me eager for more. I am so glad the next book is already out. I need to know what comes next!

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