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Do Ladybugs Dream?

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I’m sure it’s not only writers whose minds take them on strange journeys…we just tend to take them more frequently and often farther than most people.

It occurred to me yesterday, as I contemplated the anticipated arrival of spring, that I don’t recall having seen a ladybug since I’ve moved to Chicago.  I like ladybugs, and I think perhaps they sensed that, because they used to hold annual conventions around my home in northern Wisconsin. A few even took up residence inside my house, and I remember one who hung out around my bathroom sink for several weeks. I grew rather fond of him/her, actually.

Though it usually just sat there, far too busy with its own thoughts to pay any attention whatever to me, it would occasionally go for a stroll, often using a glass I kept on the sink as its walking track, going around and around the rim at a brisk (for a ladybug) pace. I’m quite sure it thought it was going in a straight line.

I’ve always wondered if ladybugs dream, and if they do, of what? Probably not of Isis, or the presidential campaign, or all the petty foibles to which humans are prone .

I truly do believe that every creature has a purpose in life, but in the case of ladybugs—and gnats and mosquitoes and snails—I have absolutely no idea what those purposes might be. And to be honest with you, I have sometimes wondered the same thing about my fellow human beings.

Can you imagine how tiny a ladybug’s brain must be? Or, carrying that thought one or two steps further, how small a single drop of ladybug blood (assuming ladybugs have blood), or the veins through which it courses, must be? What do they eat? What do they do for fun? Are they kind to one another? Do they care?

One thing that can be said for human beings—although when reading the news it is sometimes hard to find many good things to say—is that we are capable of dreaming and having fun and caring for one another, whether we exercise those capabilities or not.

The one thing every single creature on earth, large or small, shares is the fact that each of us is unique, and though we go through life surrounded by others of our own kind, we each do so as an individual. It is our awareness of our uniqueness and our link to other human beings that separates us from all other creatures. But if we do not make use of this link in some positive way, we may as well all be ladybugs.
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Dreams-of-a-Calico-Mouse Title: Dreams of a Calico Mouse
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Poetry

A collection of the poems of author Dorien Grey (a.k.a. Roger Margason)

Self Published

~ Dorien Grey

About Dorien Grey

If it is possible to have a split personality without being schizophrenic, Dorien Grey qualifies. When long-time book and magazine editor Roger Margason chose the pseudonym “Dorien Grey” for his first book, it set off a chain of circumstances which has led to the comfortable division of labor and responsibility. Roger has charge of day-to-day existence, freeing Dorien—with the help of Roger’s fingers—to write. It has reached the point where Roger merely sits back and reads the stories Dorien brings forth on the computer screen.

It’s not as though Roger has not had an uninteresting life of his own. Two years into college, he left to join the Naval Aviation Cadet program. Washing out after a year, he spent the rest of his brief military career on an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean at the height of the cold war. The journal he kept of his time in the military, in the form of letters home, honed his writing skills and provided him with a wealth of experiences to draw from in his future writing. These letters will be appearing in book form shortly.

Returning to Northern Illinois University after service, he graduated with a B.A. in English, and embarked on a series of jobs which worked him into the editing field. While working for a Los Angeles publishing house, he was instrumental in establishing a division exclusively for the publication of gay paperbacks and magazines, of which he became editor. He moved on to edit a leading L.A. based international gay men’s magazine.

Tiring of earthquakes, brush fires, mud slides, and riots, he returned to the Midwest, where Dorien emerged, full-blown, like Venus from the sea. They’ve been inseparable (and interchangeable) ever since.

He . . . and Dorien of course…moved back to Chicago in 2006, where they now devote full time to writing. Author of the popular Dick Hardesty Mystery series, the Elliott Smith (paranormal) Mystery, the stand-alone western/romance/adventure novel, Calico, plus the non fiction A World Ago: A Navy Man’s Letters Home, 1954-1956; Short Circuits: A Life in Blogs, and a book of poems (Dreams of a Calico Mouse), Dorien is in the process of having all his books done as audiobooks.

But for a greater insight into the “”real person”” behind Dorien Grey, the curious are invited to check out his website (, which includes the first chapter of any or all of his books for free, and his various blogs: Dorien Grey and Me ( and A Life in Photos                 ( among them.

There is nothing Dorien loves more than hearing from a reader…or potential reader. If you’d like to contact him, just drop him a note at

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