Free Falling Crimson (Altered States #3) by Laura Harner and T.A. Webb ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

In my preparations for reading this years Pulp Friction series, I have decided to read the Altered States series. These 4 books set the world for PF2015 and I felt to enjoy the serial to its fullest, I needed to read these books first. What I got was a great series that I fully intend to continue reading even without PF2015!

Free Falling Crimson Title: Free Falling Crimson (Altered States #3)

Author: Laura Harner and T.A. Webb

Publisher: Hot Corner Press

Cover Artist: Laura Harner

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


New Orleans, Louisiana. 2015.

A bank is robbed and two guards killed under the unblinking eye of a security camera that shows…not exactly nothing. There’s plenty of blood, but no evidence on the videos to show who—or what—is doing the killing. Human victims. Human Only establishments. Preternatural killer. It’s not the first, and it won’t be the last.

It’s been almost three years since a vampire burst into flames on television and humans were forced to face a new world where supernatural beings exist. Some are more accepting than others—ask Sam Garrett and Travis Boudreaux, former NOPD detectives. Once human, they find themselves part of the preternatural world. Different lives, different rules.

An invisible killer. Humans Only separatist groups. A vampire with political ambitions who might be forming his own army. No one’s safe in a world where humans—and supers—are forced to adapt, or die.

Working together as part of a team sanctioned by Homeland Security to carry out Justice Department decrees, Sam and Travis ensure the deadliest of supers pay for their crimes. Permanently.

Warning: This is a steamy urban fantasy. In this series the vampires don’t sparkle, werewolves kill, and the men sometimes have sex. With each other.

The Altered States Series should be read in the following order:
Altered States (The Prequel)
Deep Blues Goodbye
Deadly Shades of Gold
Free Falling Crimson

PizzyGirl’s View:

This is book 4 in the Altered States series. It picks up after the climactic ending of the previous book and moves the series forward. This was the longest installment so far and there was so much happening in this novel.

First and foremost was the murder mystery. Another crime to solve on top of dealing with the continuing issues with the previously established baddies drew me back in. The tension was high because this was a high profile case but the Odd squad was struggling to figure out how it works. I liked this because too often in crime type stories, the good guys are already a well oiled machine and just need to track down the killer. That was not so in this case. The new Odd squad was roughly thrown together and this murder just highlighted the lack of structure, lack of cohesion, and lack of resources the good guys had.

My favorite part of this story was the introduction to the many types of preternatural creatures in this world. To date, we had really only focused on the wolves and vampires. But with this particular crime, many other species were brought forth and I really would love to know more about each. As far as the established supers are concerned, this story really brought more focus on the wolves and pack life. We got to see pack vs rogue and more about Henri’s plans in using the wolves. How all of this i\wa4rs working on Russ to cause dissention and move things forward and add another layer to the plot of this series. And the ending! Again with the cliffhanger that leaves the wolves in a lurch!

There were a lot of parallels to the current political situations in the US. With humans wanting to only serve those of their “own species,” as if “tainted by talking to an investigator who was a vampire or wereanimal.” Humans lamenting the fact that supers were “protesting against our God-given right to do business with actual human beings.” Human Only establishments where business owner have the right to turn away non-humans. This is very much a statement on the RFRA mess of today and i\was borderline in your face and preachy without actually crossing that line.

And the love hexagon, heptagon, octagon, whatever has been dissolved as the men have officially paired off. The tension between Danny and Clint wa burning HOT and they were on track to be explosive together. The connection between Sam and Travis strengthened and they became official boyfriends. Jet and Russ, well I won’t talk about these men because it ties into the plot and you’ll just have to read to find out what happens to these men. And FINALLY! the authors gave us more info on Talon and Jasper. I can’t wait for more on this pairing.

Overall, I am in love with this series. I like the formatting and the way each book ties together and moves the series ARC forward. I really love the supernatural aspects and the budding relationships. When will the next installment be released?????

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