Glen and Tyler’s High Seas Hijinks (Glen and Tyler’s Adventures #4) by J.B. Sanders ~ Book Review by Lirtle

glen and tylers high seas hijinks cover 1 Title: Glen and Tyler’s High Seas Hijinks (Glen and Tyler’s Adventures #4)

Author: J.B. Sanders

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars


Let’s be honest. Glen & Tyler go on vacation the same way the US Navy deploys: with much fanfare and crowds throwing streamers. Despite the pirates, smugglers, and the usual criminal crowd, this tale has hot men, Chemin De Fer, and some nice beach scenes.
Come for the pirates, stay for the tight swimsuits.
Oh, and rum. Lots of rum.

Lirtle’s View:

Are you ready for a James Bond type adventure, full of gadgets and clever surprises, and multiple spy agencies and their agents, all vying for a piece of the hijinks pie? Yeah? Then you’re in luck! This wonderfully over the top ode to the sleek, cheesy style that is James Bond fits the bill. I know it did for me!

Full disclosure: I loooooove Ian Fleming’s James Bond, love the books, love the character, love the gadgets and hyper-realistic universe in which it all occurs.

Now then, Sanders obviously shares this love, employing both slight nods to and utterly overt tackle-hug tactics in this latest story in the Glen & Tyler Adventure series. Like the other books, several stories and mysteries are happening at once, with many characters and motivations swirling around in all of them. Sanders manages to keep them all going at a decent clip without any muddle confusion or the feeling of being overwhelmed with detail in his efforts to maintain clarity and forward progress.

The dialogue is one of my favorite things about this book. Having read the others in the series (which I recommend doing: book 1 Honeymoon, book 2 Scottish Troubles, book 3 Paris Double-cross), the personalities of the characters, in particular Glen and Tyler, are crisp and clear and humorous. I laughed a number of times, especially when Tyler turns on his sarcasm full force. And Glen! Despite what feels like a minimized role in this story compared to the others, his character has laser focus on the purpose of that role and is the crucial turning point more than once. He’s also very good at helping maintain the whirling dervish that is Tyler.

images of retro movie posters dancing in my head

The Banter!!!

The Humor!!!

The Clever!!!

Now That’s Entertainment!!!

~ Now Playing in Theaters ~

There are a few places in which a time jump is used in conjunction with a location change. Extended development in these areas probably would have enhanced the story without posing much of a risk to the adventure-laden pace. The biggest casualty of this choice is the limitation placed on page time for some of the awesome supporting characters specific to this story, as well as the ones that have continued on from their own original appearances in books past up through now. One of the best is Nanna. 😀

In this particular offering, we have a mixed salad of more than one mystery, a top secret military contingent, more special agents playing dual roles, Tyler’s brother Jeremy involved heavily in one of these stories, and the continuing evolution of Glen & Tyler’s relationship. Sanders is economical with his use of detail, providing a comfortable amount for forward progress without getting lost in the weeds.

Speaking of the relationship, it’s a rather small component to the story. Yep, Glen and Tyler demonstrate all throughout how well they know each other and work together, but without any hot and heavy sexy times. It works. This isn’t a romance, this is: fluff + adventure + a clever ruse or three + humor, and it all = book reading fun! It feels rather unique and, lucky for us, Sanders has this down pat, with his love for these kinds of stories coming through in the quality of his writing.

All in all, this is one of those stories where everything seems to work out for the good guys, the bad guys get their due without graphic detail but with humor and clever turns instead, way cool gadgets, and humor winding all the way through. Ya know, just like James Bond. 😉

Thank you, J.B. Sanders! I’m already looking forward to the next Glen & Tyler Adventure. 😀

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