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Prism Book Alliance® would like to thank Hans M Hirschi for taking the time to talk with us today about their retro title from , The Fallen Angels of Karnataka. Prism recently reviewed The Fallen Angels of Karnataka. You can find the review here.



We are here today to talk about The Fallen Angels of Karnataka. What can you tell us about it?

As it is the latest of my published books, it is still very close to my heart, for many different reasons. I am very close to Haakon, the main character, as well as the topic. As a father, the topic of children being abused and trafficked, is very important to me. Having traveled to India, where parts of the novel plays out, I feel strongly for the plight of the disenfranchised.

But the book is more than just a character and a bunch of social issues. It’s an epic travel story, there’s love, romance and we get to follow Haakon’s growth from a sheltered teen to a mature adult.

Tell us more about Haakon?

One of the reviewers called him ‘autistic’. He’s naïve, grown up sheltered in the mountains of Norway, far away from the troubles of the world. He is a very trusting person and it takes a while until he realizes when he’s being taken advantage of. I guess that’s a part he and I have in common. But he learns eventually and takes charge of his life, and redeems himself for the evil he had to witness and for which he feels, at least partially, responsible.

What about The Fallen Angels of Karnataka makes you the proudest?

As always: my readers and how they take the story to their heart. Some have said this is the ultimate modern HIV story. I had almost forgotten about that part, and maybe that is what makes is so special to a group of people still ostracized by societies everywhere.

I was also particularly proud that there is a parallel between Mahender and his organization “Fallen Angels” (from which the book got its title) and last year’s Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Kailash Satyarthi. It’s good to know that what I imagined is actually being done on the ground.

On the flip side, I’m angered that what I thought I had imagined is surpassed in reality by the recently uncovered child abuse and pedophile rings in the UK. It’s eerie and scary to realize that Charles’ friends are REAL!

If you could change one thing in The Fallen Angels of Karnataka what would it be and why?

Difficult question. I don’t think I’d change anything, even though I wish that some of the people who had to die in the book would still be alive, e.g. Michel or Avi and Jay. But then the story would no longer be the same. So the answer would have to be nothing, for the reasons I just stated.Can you talk a little about the inspiration for The Fallen Angels of Karnataka as well as it’s main character?

Can you talk a little about the inspiration for The Fallen Angels of Karnataka as well as it’s main character?

My inspiration comes from many different sources. In this case it was a book I had read which inspired me to write about travel, and my trips inspired the destinations and the descriptions thereof. The main story line about the pedophile ring sprung from a former acquaintance/friend who was convicted of child abuse last year. Even though we hadn’t been in touch for years, the thought of what he could’ve done to our son was enough to set off my imagination.

If you could give one piece of advice to new writers, what would it be?

Write, write, write. Don’t give up, keep going. Get feedback from people you know to be honest, not your partner or bestie, but someone who will give you the honest truth, as painful as it may be. Better be told you stink early on, than discover it the hard way when it’s too late. But the more you write, the better you’ll become. Tip two is to read, read and read. Reading is not only fun, but it’s also inspiring. You learn how others write, how they express themselves, describe things etc. Lastly, I’d suggest to learn to trust your instinct. Listen to your inner voice and write what your subconscious tells you to. I am well aware that this won’t work for everyone, but I’ve learned not to overthink things.

Tell us about some of your other titles.

Prior to The Fallen Angels of Karnataka, I had written three novels and a couple of non-fiction titles and published a blog book. The first, Family Ties, is a story of a family gathering to bury the family matriarch. Very autobiographic, very condensed. It all happens in 24 hours, with outlooks into the past. My second novel, Jonathan’s Hope, is a fairy tale and my only true romance novel, with a twist. It was followed by The Opera House, a book dealing with the ultimate parenting challenge, the death of one’s child. I had just become a father and was constantly worrying about that. The story also deals with homelessness and particularly LGBT homelessness, a real plight for 4 out of 10 kids on American streets! There is lots of info on my website.

Rapid Fire Time

  • Sushi or pasta? Sushi
  • Call or text? Call
  • Baseball or Cricket? Spa!
  • Country or City? City
  • spades or euchre? Yawn!
  • Chick Flick or Scary Movie? Chick flick!
  • Mr. Bean or Leslie Nielsen? someone shoot me!
  • Batman or Superman? The Flash! 🙂
  • Hunger Games or Divergent? Willem of the Tafel!
  • Hugs or Kisses? Depends on who it is… 😉

What are you working on? What is next?

I’m really excited about my upcoming novel, which is a venture into a new genre for me: Science Fiction. Willem of the Tafel is a dystopic novel about a future where we failed to stop global warming and humanity is suffering the consequences. It’s also a novel about racism and how it affects us. In short, I’m tackling two of the great challenges we’re facing as a race, combined with adventure, love, a bit of romance and a resolution my readers have come to expect and enjoy from the “Queen of unconventional happy endings”… Willem of the Tafel will be out in May.

Right now I’m working on a series of shorts about various topics. I just finished a story about a nightmare and one about witnessing a rape. Next up is a story about being transgender. My hope is to publish those shorts as a book later this year.


Title: The Fallen Angels of Karnataka
Author: Hans M Hirschi
Publisher: Yaree AB
Publication Date: 15 Sept 2014


In an isolated mountain town in Norway, Haakon dreams of traveling the world, pursuing adventure, seeing great places, finding love. His very first trip to London with friends from university offers much promise, yet soon after tragedy strikes.

Still young, and mourning the loss of his lover, Haakon is not ready to give up on his dream, so when a rich Englishman offers him the chance to join him on a tour of the world, Haakon takes it, daring to believe that his dream is finally coming true…but at what price?

The Fallen Angels of Karnataka is a novel filled with adventure, life’s hard-learned lessons, loss, despicable evil, and finally, love and redemption.



About the Author:

hansfinalHans M. Hirschi has been writing stories since childhood. As an adult, the demands of corporate life put an end to his fiction for more than twenty years. A global executive in training, he has traveled the world and published several non-fiction titles as well as three well- received novels.

The birth of his son provided him with the opportunity to rekindle his love of creative writing, where he expresses his deep passion for a better world through love and tolerance.

Hans lives with his husband and son on a small island off the coast of Sweden.

Visit Hans online at: WWW.HIRSCHI.SE

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