Hoarfrost (Whyborne and Griffin Book 6) by Jordan L. Hawk ~ Book Review by Lirtle

hoarfrost cover 1 Title: Hoarfrost (Whyborne and Griffin Book 6)

Author: Jordan L. Hawk

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Jordan L. Hawk

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


Sorcerer Percival Endicott Whyborne and his husband Griffin Flaherty have enjoyed an unprecedented stretch of peace and quiet. Unfortunately, the calm is shattered by the arrival of a package from Griffin’s brother Jack, who has uncovered a strange artifact while digging for gold in Alaska. The discovery of a previously unknown civilization could revive the career of their friend Dr. Christine Putnam—or it might kill them all, if the hints of dark sorcery surrounding the find are true.

With Christine and her fiancé Iskander, Whyborne and Griffin must journey to the farthest reaches of the arctic to stop an ancient evil from claiming the life of Griffin’s brother. But in the rough mining camp of Hoarfrost, secrets fly as thickly as the snow, and Whyborne isn’t the only sorcerer drawn by the rumors of magic. Amidst a wilderness of ice and stone, Griffin must either face his greatest fear—or lose everyone he loves.

Lirtle’s View:

Holy emotional intensity, Batman! From the get-go, it’s right there, and from Griffin’s point of view.

Instead of rejecting me for weakness, Ival embraced me, did everything he could to lead me back through the thickets of my own mind to reality.

So there’s that.

Then, not much later, we get what has become the trademark humor this group can’t seem but to put forth. Ha! Christine. You are, as always, fantastic.

Here’s a funny: despite archeology having been a part of previous stories in this series, it only hit me just now that this is one of the reasons I love these books. Archeology, digging for history, feeling that connection with the past, literally touching the same stones or tools as those who came before us, whether a century or ten ago. I love it all. Archeology is a large part of this story and I enjoyed every moment.

Ahem, I might as well take this moment to admit that, yes, I still have one actual magazine subscription that comes to my house, and that subscription is to “Archeology”.

Now then…

Woven in with the science is, of course, the magic. How it affects Whyborne, and others, and the physical surroundings in which all of the characters find themselves. Whyborne’s knowledge, experience, and realizations, frankly, about magic, who has it, who uses it and how, all grow in this story.

Fantastically described locations allowed me to shiver from and smell the cold. My own fingers ached in sympathy.

And the baddy! Oooooh, I did not like him and his dastardly methods. Which, of course, is part of the fun of shaking my fist at the bad guy, wondering if he’s going to get his due or somehow escape its clutches, where his motivation and power come from, figuring out how deeply his impact will be felt. What will he do to my beloved Ival, Grif, Christine, and now Iskander?

Action-packed, this is. There was a point – well, three chapters worth, if we’re being technical – where I found myself continually saying things like “wow!” and “omg!”, unable to wrench my eyes from the screen of my kindle. Holy shiznoly, this is a lot of fun. Heart-pounding fun!

Griffin. You are da bomb, my friend. This is your most complex role in this series to date.

Whyborne (may I call you Ival?), your strength and ability were at their height here. The coolest thing, however, is realizing that you have so much more to learn about those abilities. Even better is that Griffin is right there with you.

Christine. Christine! Intelligent, and not at all worried about showing how much of it you have (which is tons, loads), your humor, and your loyalty, I just can’t even.

Iskander, my man, you are the man. Your role is pivotal and, not only does it say a lot about Christine but, it feels like you’re a major and missing piece we’ve been waiting for.

All of the supporting characters are just as pivotal, including Griffin’s brother.

New favorite word: tripartite.

New favorite word invented by me: Glorted, which is a lovely combination of ugly giggle-snort. I have Christine to thank for this, my fifteen seconds of fame.

”You’re beautiful,” I whispered.

“That confirms it,” Christine said. “His brain has been damaged.”

“Christine!” Whyborne snapped…

Seriously, these people, they make my life better by way of their presence in it. 😀

This is the first time I’ve been left with a large wanting of more in terms of the creature feature aspect. I want to know more about the history, how they’re connected to Whyborne, his family, and everyone else. I want to know what happens next.

Well, ok, that last one idn’t anything new. 😉

The story takes center stage in this particular book in the series. The characters are filling their roles, serving the story, making me love (or hate!) them even more. The characters serve the story as opposed to the story serving the characters. The result is just that, a fully realized adventure, filled with science, magic, humor, creepy and slimy and lovely paranormal creatures, and love.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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4 thoughts on “Hoarfrost (Whyborne and Griffin Book 6) by Jordan L. Hawk ~ Book Review by Lirtle

  1. The most amazing series!! I love all of the characters but especially Whyborne and Griffin. Their love is just so beautiful! My only regret is that I finished the book in one day!! I promised myself I wouldn’t (I finished the other books in the series in one day, too). I really wanted to make it last but it was just too good! Had to keep reading. I suppose I will just have to start reading the series again from Book #1 “Widdershins”. So looking forward to next book!

  2. Yep, I think I’m gonna have to do a re-read LOL. Think about how far they’ve come!!!
    Lol @ reading in one day. *hi5* 😀

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