Jordan L. Hawk on Hoarfrost (Whyborne & Griffin Book 6) ~ Interview, Local Giveaway

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Hoarfrost - Whyborne and Griffin Book 6

Title: Hoarfrost (Whyborne & Griffin Book 6)
Author: Jordan L. Hawk
Publisher: Self Published
Cover Artist: Jordan L. Hawk
Publication Date:04/21/2015
Genre/Sub-Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Gay, Gay Fiction, Historical, M/M Romance, Paranormal


Sorcerer Percival Endicott Whyborne and his husband Griffin Flaherty have enjoyed an unprecedented stretch of peace and quiet. Unfortunately, the calm is shattered by the arrival of a package from Griffin’s brother Jack, who has uncovered a strange artifact while digging for gold in Alaska. The discovery of a previously unknown civilization could revive the career of their friend Dr. Christine Putnam—or it might kill them all, if the hints of dark sorcery surrounding the find are true.

With Christine and her fiancé Iskander, Whyborne and Griffin must journey to the farthest reaches of the arctic to stop an ancient evil from claiming the life of Griffin’s brother. But in the rough mining camp of Hoarfrost, secrets fly as thickly as the snow, and Whyborne isn’t the only sorcerer drawn by the rumors of magic. Amidst a wilderness of ice and stone, Griffin must either face his greatest fear—or lose everyone he loves.

Prism Book Alliance® recently reviewed Hoarfrost (Whyborne & Griffin Book 6). You can find the review here.


Setting: The Museum in Widdershins, a simple table, surrounded by wonderful and bizarre items from antiquity.

Lirtle: Hi Jordan, it’s so great to talk with you today. How are you?

Jordan: I’m doing wonderfully. Thank you so much for visiting us here in Widdershins.

Lirtle: I’m a sucker for history and archeology, so this place is awesome to me. As if I’m not already excited for our talk today. 🙂

Jordan: Just don’t touch the suit of armor. It’s definitely cursed.

Lirtle: Dang, really? OK *leers at armor*

Now then, we’re going to dish on Hoarfrost, book 6 in the Whyborne & Griffin series, and anything else that comes to mind. 😀 And to start off, I simply have one word: Griffin. Wow. His strengths and deeply-seeded demons are on full display in this story. We get both his and Whyborne’s point of view, so what prompted this approach? It heightened the emotional reactions I had, as well as the sense of danger, experiencing from both perspectives.

Jordan: I hadn’t originally intended to use Griffin’s POV in anything outside of the short stories. But very early on while plotting Hoarfrost I realized I needed to “split the party” as it were. Which meant I had no choice but to use Griffin’s POV since Whyborne wouldn’t be there for certain key scenes, and vice versa.

I pondered it for a bit and eventually decided this was a good place in the series to shake things up. The first five books formed a cycle that resolved some plot lines and opened new ones. Since Griffin’s family is one of the unresolved threads, it made sense for him to have his say as well. And I think including his POV ultimately provided a depth to the story it would have lacked otherwise.

Lirtle: Yes, and I think they do each have their own paths in this story that demanded they follow them, even if it meant spending some of that time apart. And do you think you’d use this structure in a future book? Which is me actually asking if there will be more in this series.

Jordan: Yes to both questions. 😉

Lirtle: Oooooh, ok then! I like the sound of that, as I’m sure everyone else will. Where did the idea of setting this in Alaska, and near a mining town, come from? Have you ever been?

Jordan: After the trip to Egypt, I wanted to take them to an arctic environment. It just so happened the Klondike gold rush had just wound down (1899) and a smaller one started in Nome, and I thought it would be the perfect backdrop. I had the idea Griffin’s brother Jack was a bit of a drifter, so it seemed logical he would have joined the thousands of other stampeders who went to Alaska during the gold rushes.

I’ve never been to Alaska, but I’d love to go someday.

Lirtle: Where would you love to travel that you haven’t already?

Jordan: Hawai’i—we were originally going on a delayed honeymoon, then never got around to actually planning the trip. Oops! I also want to go to Alaska and get some hiking in somewhere like Denali. Unlike poor Whyborne, I love tramping around the outdoors.

Lirtle: One of my friends just came back from a trip to Hawai’i and they had the best time. Don’t delay on that already delayed honeymoon!

The “creature feature” in this book a fun mix of definitely not human, gross, intelligent, misunderstood, frightening, and intriguing. What’s the background on this latest creation? I so enjoy that our intrepid gang encounters something “new” (that’s a clue, people!) in every story.

Jordan: I’m trying to think what I can possibly say that isn’t a huge spoiler! I had the general idea of what I wanted to be the “monster” to be in this book, but oddly enough the way things actually played out was one of the last pieces of the plot puzzle of fall into place.

That’s a total non-answer but I can’t think of anything to say that doesn’t give away the last half of the book!

Lirtle: Gah, it’s true though, especially since the creatures and their motivations are not so… straightforward or immediately obvious? Maybe Whyborne has a spell that would allow us to temporarily speak to each other telepathically so I could get that answer LOL.

Now to Christine. Omigosh. Christine! I would love to pick her sarcastic, intelligent, and straight-talking brain. I would love to – Oh! Christine! It’s wonderful see, er, meet you! How are you?

Christine: I’d be fine if the accursed director didn’t insist on these constant distractions. Galas, tours, donor luncheons—bah! The man has no sense of priorities.

Lirtle: Oh, my well, may we offer a moment or two of distraction, Christine? Or do you prefer Dr. Putnam since we’re in your place of employment? Innywho, here’s one of those questions for which no one can usually come up with an answer but I’m asking, did you always know that you’re a humorous individual, that you have a fabulous sense of humor? You made me laugh more than once during this latest adventure.

Christine: *blushes slightly* That’s very kind of you. If only some people appreciated my direct approach more, but one can’t have everything, I suppose.

Lirtle: S’alright, girl *hi5* I get it and relish it. Now, let’s dish, tell me one thing each about Whyborne and Griffin that we don’t know. Please? *pleading eyes*

Christine: Whyborne becomes overly emotional when he’s had too much to drink —

*Lirtle gasping and then giggling*

—you should have seen the man at the museum’s New Year’s Eve Gala. Of course everyone drank a great deal of champagne to greet 1900—it isn’t every day we welcome a new century, but Whyborne should really know his limits. Thank heavens Dr. Gerritson was on hand to help Griffin and me get him into the cab.

Griffin enjoys baking. I highly recommend his apple pie, although he seldom makes it since Whyborne doesn’t particularly care for apples.

Lirtle: Oh my goodness, Dr. Gerritson had to help? That must have been a sight. And *shrugs* I could eat some pie, love apple.

And if you’re so inclined, tell us three things you adore about Iskander and three things that you find utterly exasperating.

Christine: Oh, er. Well, naturally Kander is highly intelligent, I suppose that goes without saying. He understands loyalty. And he isn’t bound like by convention like so many silly men, who feel they should be the ones in charge.

Jordan: And he’s very handsome.

Christine: I didn’t wish to sound shallow…but yes, there is that. He can be a bit of a mother-hen sometimes, which can be annoying when one is in the middle of an important discovery. Obviously he should have told me the truth about his family from the start—that was quite exasperating, but we moved past it. His insistence on a large wedding is rather a point of contention at the moment, but I suppose in this case I shall simply grit my teeth and bear it. I’m certain I can make Whyborne assist with the arrangements.

Lirtle: I have a feeling you’ll be glad you had a large wedding in the end, especially if it means more champagne-induced shenanigans. 😉
Ok last question then: Any idea where you’re headed for your next expedition? Archeology is so interesting and I’m curious. I enjoy seeing the discoveries through your eyes.

Christine: I wish I had an answer for you, as my career is a bit in limbo at the moment. And of course there’s the blasted wedding to be taken care of before I can consider traveling again.

Marriage to Iskander will restrict where in America, at least, I might be able to excavate in the future. Although Massachusetts repealed its anti-miscegenation laws some time ago, there are many states where our marriage will not only be illegal, but we’d face the possibility of arrest. I feel a wretch complaining about such things given Whyborne and Griffin’s situation, but it is something I have to consider when contemplating future excavations.

Lirtle: You don’t sound like a wretch at all. I wish happiness for all four of you and hope for a better future in those terms as far as marriage goes. Thank you, Christine. 🙂

Christine: It was a pleasant diversion from murderous thoughts about the director.

Lirtle: *chuckling*… “murderous”, she said. Jordan, how cool was that?? Ok that’s a silly question because of course it was cool. Ahem, now then. I was intrigued by Jack, Griffin’s brother. Will we see more of him? More importantly, will Griffin?

Jordan: I don’t have a firm answer as to when, but I’m certain we’ll hear from Jack again.

Lirtle: *slowly nodding* Very cryptic there, Ms Hawk.
Here’s a request from me because some of my favorite scenes throughout these stories are when Ival, Grif, Christine, and now Iskander are all together, especially around the dinner table. Will we get more them? Any ideas about the setting for the next story? (Yup, I’m asking again 😉 )

Jordan: We’ll be back in Widdershins for Christine and Iskander’s wedding for the next story. I’m sure there will be many opportunities for them to sit around the dinner table together.

Lirtle: Fantastic. And now, Percival Endicott Whyborne. Ok, I’m revealing myself here but, holy cow, I forgot that Ival’s middle name is Endicott! I wonder how he feels about that? And will he ever lose the self-doubt that’s plagued him? He’s gotten better and better as time has gone on, for sure.

Jordan: He’s much less thrilled about his middle name than he once was, but it came to him from Heliabel, so he’s not going to hide from it.

I’m sure he’ll always feel a bit uncertain of himself, particularly in certain situations. All else aside, Whyborne’s naturally something of an awkward fellow.

Lirtle: Ah yes, well anything from Heliabel is more than worth maintaining. And I love our awkward fellow. 😀
Any scene or details that were left out of the final version of Hoarfrost you’d like to share with everyone? Hmmmm?

Jordan: I’ve had deleted scenes from other books, but in this case I had the opposite problem and kept adding things in as I wrote. 🙂

Lirtle: Well, it paid off. Hoarfrost is a deliciously complex story.

Now we’re going to do a lightening round and, for any of these questions, feel free to answer for yourself or, if you’re so bold, answer for Ival, Grif, Christine, or heck, Saul the cat. 😀

Jordan: Ha! I’ll answer for myself.

Black tea or creamed coffee: I take both black, so in this case tea.

Candlelight or Fireside: Candlelight.

Boat or train ride: Boat.

Heat of the desert or frigidity of the far north: Heat!

Raspberry or blackberry: Blackberry.

A stroll along the boardwalk or through the park: Park.

The swings or the slide: Swings!

Shrimp or scallops: Neither—I’m vegetarian. 🙂

Lirtle: Tell us what’s next on the release schedule, what you’re working on now, ya know, the upcoming attractions.

Jordan: Next up is Mocker of Ravens, book one in SPECTR Series Two. That will be out in June. Right now, I’m working on the second Spirits book, Dangerous Spirits, which I hope to have out in September. Then it’s back to Whyborne & Griffin 7, scheduled for a December release.

Lirtle: Wow, that’s more than a full plate, for sure.

Thank you, Jordan! And see you in San Diego. 😀

Jordan: Thank you so much! I can’t wait for San Diego. 🙂

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Jordan: Thank you! The messenger bags are wonderful—I have one myself. 😀

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  8. I’ve read this entire series, and Hoarfrost was FANTASTIC! These books just keep getting better. Every time I think “This book was the best. They can’t get any better than this.” Then they do!!! Whyborne and Griffin (not to mention Christine, still think she should get billing, just sayin’) are the best. Please more in this terrific series. And if you haven’t read them yet, you don’t know what you are missing. I highly recommend this series. You are in for a real treat.

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