Life Under New Management by Jane Davitt ~ Book Review by Josie Goodreads

Life Under New Management Title: Life Under New Management

Author: Jane Davitt

Publisher: Totally Bound

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 5.00 of 5 Stars


Working for a perfectionist like strict, sexy-as-hell Ethan isn’t easy. Falling in love with him? No problem at all.

Taking a bar job in an exclusive hotel is a stopgap for Andy. He’s an actor and his big break is coming soon—he knows it. His hot new boss Ethan is strict, demanding and totally off-limits but Andy can’t stop thinking about him.

When Andy learns of Ethan’s need to be in control of his partner—in bed and out of it—he’s stunned by the intensity of his reaction. He wants Ethan guiding him, bringing order to his chaotic life. And he sees that Ethan needs him too, though they can’t be open about their feelings.

Ethan deals out deliciously perverse consequences for misbehaving, but when it comes to incentives, he knows just what to offer to have Andy on his knees begging for more.

But some secrets can’t stay that way for long. And when difficult choices arise, for once Andy can’t turn to Ethan for guidance. This time, he’s on his own.

Josie Goodreads’s View:

I adored this book; I just wanted to get that out straight away. It was nothing like I expected, it was unusual, intense and very erotic. I’ve read Jane Davitt before and this is probably one of her best.

When Andy applies for the bartender job at a swanky hotel he is interviewed by the bar manager Ethan. Andy lies about his past experience but Ethan sees right through him and at refuses to consider him for the job. Andy gets desperate, he needs to buy food and pay the rent, so he offers to learn if only Ethan will give him a chance.

Andy is one of life’s drifters, an out of work actor he relies on his looks and charm to get him what he wants. He’s lazy and ungrateful and moans all the time. He expects jobs handed to him on a platter. As far as he is concerned getting to the interview on time is more than enough of an effort. Then Andy meets Ethan and gets the shock of his life, he’s finally met someone who won’t stand for a whiny brat.

Ethan is a control freak, he’s meticulous and all about structure and discipline. For Ethan life is about working to an exacting standard. Everything tidied up, put away, in its place. That extends to his home life as well as work. Ethan doesn’t lose his temper, ever, his rage is quiet and all the more dangerous because he stays completely in control.

Andy is turned on by Ethan from the word go, he wants to please the man, any hint of a smile or word of praise from Ethan makes Andy feel good inside, a revelation that shocks him at first. It’s not until Ethan passes Andy one night on a bench, unable to go home, that anything starts between them.

Ethan isn’t after a one night stand though he wants a partner. For Ethan the turn on is control, he wants someone to obey him, but also someone he can guide, someone he can mold into the person he wants them to be, but ultimately he wants his partner to be the best person they can be. As Andy learns to trust Ethan he discovers a whole new side of himself that he didn’t know existed, he wants to obey, to be good, and spanking, Andy finds he loves being spanked, a lot. This all sounds like Andy didn’t gain at all from Ethan’s control but he did, not just in awesome sex, but in starting to look after himself, his looks, his diet, exercise, Andy needed Ethan’s guidance, it’s like he didn’t realize how much he wanted someone to guide him until Ethan came into his life.

It’s not Dom and Sub at all, although it can seem like that, it reminded me very much of a book I once read on Domestic Discipline but with a side order of Sadomasochism. Ethan enjoys giving pain, he uses clothes pin and paddles, he gets off on Andy’s tears and suffering. Andy likes suffering for Ethan, he likes receiving the pain and discomfort, basking in Ethan’s contentment and happiness.

This book won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of people won’t like Ethan, he comes over as cold and stubborn, indifferent to what Andy wants but I liked him. Ethan saw Andy’s potential from the first moment they met, and what he wanted, apart from the hot sex, was to make Andy the best man he could be, to help him achieve his potential. Andy was drifting; he wasn’t really happy whatever he might have thought. Ethan, in helping Andy reach his potential, gave him happiness and contentment. As Andy met Ethan’s strict criteria he laid off, moved back, gave Andy space to control his own life. This may not have been a traditional Dom/Sub story but Ethan was a Dom in every real sense of the word, and Andy was his sub.

Life Under New Management is full of sex, it’s how Andy and Ethan’s relationship develops, but it’s also where Andy and Ethan grow, both men were changed by the other, it wasn’t just Andy changing for Ethan, Ethan changed too, he learnt to step back, to trust Andy in the same way Andy trusted Ethan.

I loved everything about this book, I raced through it and for me it’s summed up in Ethan’s reply when Andy asks Ethan if he really wants him to move in, after all Ethan’s use to his own space. Ethan replies

“It would feel empty without you”

Enough said. Highly recommended.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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